Sunday, February 05, 2012


Jeannie said it was okay if I bummed this off her blog.
It says:
"When you are going through something hard
and wonder where God is
remember the teacher is always quiet during a test."
I just loved it! :)
Well, today is Karma's birthday. She's seven years old and been annoying me lately--LOL! Not only does she pull the cat grass up by the roots and out of the planter...

...(notice how difficult to get a closeup of the cat grass without her head in the shot)...

...but she also yanks them up and leaves them to die on top of the ground. So I pushed each of the sprouted seeds back into the soil. And she yanked them up again.
I'm getting tired of replanting them--LOL!
I think I'll leave them and plant the next batch even deeper and keep it away from her longer. I was not generous with the seeds this time, either, so that may be adding to the problem. The grass is not packed together like it usually is. Well, happy birthday, anyways, Karma.
The things I do for you--LOL! ;)
Still foggy and frosty. I took pictures of the small trees yesterday that are planted along the sidewalk.
They remind me of the white flocked Christmas trees that my mom wanted for several years when we were young. What an ordeal when Dad decided it was cheaper to flock their own!
I remember plastic sheeting all over the walls and floor, the roar of the vacuum cleaner in reverse, and the stink of hot air, plastic foam, and pine. It was worth the extreme effort because Mom's tree always looked department store elegant with it's shiny balls and little red cardinals tucked into the branches. (Us kids insisted on our own green tree in the basement.)
Nature does the job while I am sleeping. ;)
Well, Karma is crying to go out on the porch. It was 21 degrees and fog again this morning. She won't last two minutes out there. ;) Happy Sunday!!
"Retire to the center of your being, which is calmness."
Paramahansa Yogananda


  1. Grow your own salad:) happy birthday to Karma.My cat goes outside a lot and roams eveywhere, often eating very tough grasses that get stuck in his throat...very expensive at the vets to pull out the offending grass blade.

    Our snow has almost gone , but it's going to make ice tomorrow as the temperature drops..

  2. Happy 7th Birthday, Karma! And don't allow that mother of yours to give you any flack about pulling up your cat grass, OK? It's yours to enjoy however you choose. If that's the only hassle you cause her, she's got it good! Now, you settle yourself back comfortably and make sure she gives you some tasty treats. You have a long and happy. Life ahead of you yet and we all love sharing in your day to day doings.
    Rita: I love both of today's quotes. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your life.

  3. Happy Birthday to Karma!
    It looks like she is entranced with her new toy.

  4. Happy Birthday to the pampered Cat, Karma!

    No snow here. Yea!

  5. Happy Birthday Karma!!!!

    You wouldn't be a cat if you weren't a PITA, lol! Minnie isn't much better!

    Hugs all around!

  6. Think you could loan Karma out this summer? If she like yanking grass out that well I could sure use her talent to whittle down the grass in my yard. Anything to avoid cutting grass.

  7. happy birthday to your big kitty! stay warm up there!

  8. Happy birthday Karma!

  9. Happy Birthday Karma!!!

    I couldn't decide which one to send you....

  10. What a FAB thing to share, thank you I'll remember that tests are uiet in future. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karma, lots of kitty kisses xxxx

  11. Happy birthday to Karma! She is definitely a pampered kitty, but she deserves it. She's got her human well trained, I'd say. :-)

  12. Happy Birthday sweet Karma!!

    I love the quote at the beginning of your post.

  13. I loved that inspiring quote from Jeannie's blog, too. It's nice to see it again. :)

    Happy 7th Birthday, Karma. Enjoy your cat grass but be careful not to pull it out by the roots. (just makes getting more of it take that much longer)

    Loved the pictures of the frosty coated tree. I'm glad it's out there in Fargo, tho, and not here in PA. :)

    We had sunshine and clear blue skies this morning, but now all we have is an overcast sky. :\

    I hope you had a good Sunday. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope the birthday cat is all rested up now. ;)

  14. Dear Rita and Karma,
    Happy, happy, happy 7th birthday, Karma. Ellie, Maggie, and Matthew are sending you their best meows, purrs, and yowls!

    And to you, Rita, happy Sunday. I've gotten so much done today that I'm feel good, like a cat lover should!
    Hope it's the same for you.


  15. Happy Birthday to Karma ~ yep our pets can annoy us but we love them ~ perhaps the grass is too young for her to play with yet? Just thinking ~ wonder what you are creating? LOL ~ Karma probably wanted to go on the porch because she senses your annoyance ~ My dog runs into her little house in the bedroom if I am annoyed with her ~ Enjoy the week ~ namaste, carol ^_^

  16. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Happy birthday Karma! Hope you wore your fur-baby suit!

    I love the trees when they are covered like that. It looks like sugar here and sparkles like crystals or glitter but the humidity is usually 0.

    I love that saying at the top of your blog.

    I've been really sick and in bed mostly for the past few days. I had a 100 temp and was so cold and shivering. I'm also getting this odd rash under my chin and on my scalp. I hope it isn't a reaction to my new meds.

  17. *HaPPy BiRThDaY* to karma!!

    go ahead's YOUR day...pull up that grass any which way you like!! :)

    LoVE the frosted trees!

  18. Happy Birthday to sweet, sweet Karma!

    It amazes me that trees survive the winters there. OMG, I'm laughing as I imagine your Dad flocking the family Christmas tree....such a lot of hassle but I guess it was worth it. :)

  19. Gwen--LOL@grow your own salad. Goodness! I can't imagine how tough that grass must be to get stuck in the throat and have to go to the vet to get it removed! Wow!
    We've had that a lot here his winter--the melting and then it turns to ice. Ice is more dangerous than a plain old blizzard for getting around. Stay safe!

    Desiree--Karma thinks she gets a lot of flack, but I promise you she doesn't--LOL! She doesn't even know I get annoyed by her grass pulling. Can't blame a cat for that. But, believe me, she knows when I am putting teeth on me as a threat--LOL! ;)
    Oh, you are so very, very welcome!!!! :)

    Rubye--Yes, Karma does love her cat grass. You betcha! :)

    Deanna--Yes, Karma is pampered. No more than she rightfully deserves if you'd ask her--LOL! ;)

    Jeannie--Thanks! I'm so very glad that Miss Minnie returned to you guys!! :)

    Rae--LOL! If Karma wasn't actually terrified of the actual outdoors that might work! ;)

    Theresa--Yup! A big kitty birthday. LOL! :)

    Tori--Thanks! Right day and everything. I'm not the best at remembering dates. That's why I have to write them down. Now if I could only read my desk calendar properly--ROFL!! ;)

    Iggy--OMG! Cats singing and playing happy birthday! Leave it to you!! :)
    Oh, and BTW, I went and looked at the link about the homemade de-icers. Looks like the rubbing alcohol one would be pretty good for what she was doing with her icy windows. I hope that is what she was using. ;)

  20. Jenny--Yes, I couldn't resist sharing the quiet teacher one. Just love it! :)

    Djan--Yup! Karma has me very well trained--LOL! And I have her half trained. ;)

    Beth--Thanks from Karma! I loved that first quote, too! :)

    AliceKay--Yes, Karma's already made it time to replant--LOL!
    We have sunshine, too--and cold! Stay warm!!

    Dee--Thanks to Ellie, Maggie, and Matthew from Karma and I!! So glad you had a super productive Sunday. It feels so good. :):)

    Carol L--I'll repot it nice and thick next time like I usually have done.
    I was actually working on the cupcakes when you were wondering. ;)
    Karma doesn't need to "sense" when I am truly annoyed with her--she knows it--no uncertain terms--LOL! I doubt she has any idea she was annoying me with her cat grass pulling. You can't blame a cat for that. I just shake my head and laugh. But when I AM upset with her--she hides under the bed--yup! ;)

    Donna--Thanks! I hope you just have the flu and you're not allergic to the new meds. Stay warm and get well soon!! :)

    Laura--LOL! I did let the birthday cat pull the grass any which way she wanted. Time to repot. ;) Gotta love'em!

    Serena--It amazes me what lives through cold, harsh winters...the birds, plants, various critters large and small. How do they survive!?
    It was a huge ordeal those years that my dad flocked the Christmas tree (till he got sick and tired of it). A lot of prep time and clean up time...and then my dad is the one I got the OCD tendencies from so he was meticulous with his flocking and took forever--LOL! Was a nice memory, though. :):) Be well and happy, sweetie!!

  21. Happy birthday, Karma! Rita - one of my cats does the same thing with grass in planters in the house. Wish he would just nibble off the tops of the grass, but he feels the urge to completely uproot the plant like Karma does.

    The frost covering everything was beautiful to wake up to, wasn't it? Had it here on Saturday and it lasted for most the day which was kind of surprising (often it is melted by mid-morning).

  22. LOL @ right day and everything!

    I have it marked on my "important dates" page under the correct date now, so hopefully next year I'll get the right day first time, LOL!

  23. Ann--Yup! Some cats are more yankers than nibblers, I guess.
    Yes! That frost is beautiful--and it lasted all day up here. Was even some left the next morning, but sparser. Unusual, indeed, to see it last into the afternoon, even. :)

    Tori--LOL! So embarrassed I read the wrong month for you. Now it's right. And she's seven years old! I can't believe how fast the time has flown. :)

  24. Anonymous7:51 AM

    That's exactly the picture and verse I was looking for (the one with "the teacher is always quiet..."

    thanks for sharing ;)


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