Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well, it looks pretty dreadful out there.
Pretty much white-out conditions.
And we're not even getting the worst of it or as bad as they expected, but it is still coming down. Or should I say across.
Interstate 29 is closed from Fargo to Watertown, SD. I heard down by Minneapolis there were areas that had a bad ice storm first! Nasty! Around the area there are places that have been dumped on pretty heavily, but Fargo-Moorhead itself hasn't gotten the 5-6 inches they thought we'd have by the crack of grey sky. We only had 2 inches (3 by now). We are a bit farther to the edge of the storm front than they expected.
Look at the snow hanging out and over the garage roof this morning! Wow! The wind wasn't aimed in our direction, so we didn't get much snow into the porch for Karma. She went out to look this morning and wasn't too interested in trying it again. Not enough new snow to be worth her trouble, I guess.
I had to crank up the heat yesterday when the cold wind kicked in. Karma disappeared. Found her next to the heat vent snoozing in her cat stroller--LOL!
Pretty warm place to sleep all afternoon.
Right now up here on third floor I can look across the room and all I can see out my window is white. Looks like we should get a couple more inches at least...depending on when this storm lets up. There are school closings and travel warnings. I wonder if Dagan and Leah will go to work today? I am so glad I cancelled the dentist appointment!! Rescheduled everything for Wednesday, March 14th. Good day to be inside with a fat, sleepy cat. ;)
I spent yesterday catching up online (almost 20 of the blogs I follow still have WV--bummer), working on letters owed, and washing clothes. Today I'd best start on budget, bills, groceries, and the fun orders I want to make for March. ;)
There have been tornadoes down south, too! Prayers and hugs for whoever needs them. May you all be safe this Leap Day. :)
I'd say those winds of grace have been really blasting us lately!
"The winds of grace blow all the time.
All we need to do is set our sails."
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa


  1. Unimaginable weather from where I'm sitting with the hot sun beating down and no precipitation whatsoever in the forecast for the next several days. I'd curl up right next to Karma and hope it had all cleared by the time I emerged from my hibernation.

  2. That is a smart kitty. Karma found the warmest spot in the place! :) She is just so adorable.

    Stay warm and safe in your apartment, out of that snowstorm! Sounds to me like you're catching up pretty well on things. I hope I am not one that still has WV on! It makes me so paranoid. I don't want it anywhere near my own blog!

  3. We were in the tornado zone last night. Thankfully it missed us. Nice and sunny today. So sorry to say it, but I am really glad we are not up there in your snow. Stay safe and warm!

  4. your weather does make an indoor day very much appreciated!

  5. I am so glad we only got thunderstorms and no snow last night. It is 54 and sunny but very windy here today.

    Karma knows where to go to stay warm. I didn't know there was such a thing as a cat stroller.

  6. Karma is one smart cat. And she makes hanging out look gorgeous, too. Very regal. Glad you are safe, warm and dry inside right now. Tomorrow I am going out in the elements, but they are nothing like what YOU have up there! :-)

  7. Your weather is very inclement at the moment. All the places you mention I have heard of on TV...but you bring them to life.
    A cat stroller.....will she stay in it?
    Stay warm and safe!

  8. Dear Rita,
    I'm glad you rescheduled the appointment. Best to be inside in stormy times. I've never before seen a cat walker. It's clear that I'm going to have to invest in mine so that one cat at a time can walk with me. Once again, I'm learning lots from you.


  9. Looks like you've had some winter weather out there. Looks so cold. Tonight's news was showing quite a few areas of the country with bad weather. The tornadoes are killers and are so scary. They're hitting fast and furious already this year.

    Those are cute shots of Karma in her stroller. I thought at first you might have had an emergency and had to evacuate again. (was hoping not in that terrible storm)

    Hope you are both safe and warm tonight. *hugs*

  10. Stay warm!!! I remember having to drive in those conditions when I lived in Nebraska. And I'm so glad I don't have to anymore, lol!!

    Karma just proves how smart she is!!

    Hugs to all!

  11. Rita--

    Was shocked to find you couldn't get to my blog--checked and I had the profile 'not visible' even though the blog itself is very public! I changed it, so it should work now, but I'll try to leave my blog address here just in case:

    My oldest daughter's friend has a dog walker that they use on their trips to the beach for their little horde of chihuahuas--very funny, really, to see her dad pushing a stroller with four little dogs watching the world go by! Looks like Karma would need a cat SLED if she wanted to go anywhere now!

    What a smart kitty to find the warm and cozy spot!

    I'm recovering from a long bout of pneumonia, so have been somewhat housebound even though our weather is so temperate here. The one thing I do miss about very wintery winters is how good it feels to stay inside because there's nowhere to go and it's too nasty to go outdoors!

    Hope you come by to visit my blog!


  12. Rita, I'm back and everything is out of Quarantine! Things were cleaned on my site Saturday night, and today Google removed it's warnings - hooray!! My good computer is still away being checked out, but at last I am online again. I missed you guys!

    Stay warm, and a scratch under the chin to Karma.

  13. Do you like cold snow and wind?

    I do not like them, Sam-I-am. I do not like cold snow and wind.

    Would you like them
    Here or there?

    I would not like them here or there.
    I would not like them anywhere.
    I do not like cold snow and wind. I do not like them,

  14. Anonymous7:31 PM

    That looked like Utah yesterday! I love that cat stroller. So I'm being shameless right now because Elisa just made my day! She got my book published!!! I'm so excited I can't stand myself!

  15. Phew good thing you and Karma are all safe and warm inside, it has been tornado weather here 70 degrees how nuts is that too! not good though that we have not had a winter, so many people sick!!! thankfully not me yet lol

  16. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Wow, looks like it did here for a while only we didn't have much wind then. The sky was grey all the time and everything was white from fog and snow. I couldn't see anything out the window. But it has been warm here lately. It warmed up to 34 degrees and the roads were ice skating rinks. I wanted to just run to walmart to buy a new iron since mine died and Chris insisted on driving me because it was so icy. He's a very good driver so I was all for it. It is so nice to see the sun come out each day now. I hope things clear up for you there too. I'm ready for spring! Karma looks so cute snuggled in her kitty stroller. It is always funny to me when blue comes in from outside and buries her head in her blanket because her ears are cold. She does it standing up and uses her front feet to push the blanket up on her head. She reminds me of an ostrich with it's head in the sand.

    I noticed your graphic saying no word verification. Where did you see that? I laughed when I saw it but I really hate it myself. A lot of the time the word verification thing disappears before I can do it so I can't post unless I change to "google account". That links to my old blog so I usually just say screw it.

  17. LOL @ Iggy's comment!

    YAY for you getting some decent snow! Not so good that there are tornados and such around, but I know how much you and Karma have been wanting snow! :)

    Smart Karma finding a nice warm place to curl up though!

    Definately a good plan rescheduling the dentist.

    Stay safe and warm! :)

  18. Clever Karma knows where to find the warm spots. :)

    I hope you stay cosy and warm inside with those harsh weather conditions outside. Glad you rescheduled the dentist appointment.

    Stay safe, my friend,
    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  19. Thanks everybody!! I apologize. I'm so far behind again that I'm going to limit my responses. But I appreciate every single one of you!

    Gwen--There's a rolled up screen velcroed on the top of the front there. I can unroll it and zip it shut. She'd never stay in when it's moving otherwise. The cries and carries on when it is moving. I got it for when we get fire drills and I have to leave the building. :)

    Karen--I was able to get to your blog now, thanks!

    Cindy--Thanks for letting me know. I'm so glad we can connect again. :)

    Iggy--LOL@Sam I Am song!

    Melynda--Congrats! So happy for you. Elisa is a really devoted friend. ;)

  20. I had no idea cat strollers existed! I'll have to show Sophia and Olivia this picture. I can see them thinking about how to get one where all the cats could go out at the same time - kind of like those strollers that daycares push that have the multiple rows of kids. this case...the kids would be replaced by cats. :)

  21. Ann--I didn't know about cat strollers, either, until I went to google different kinds of cat carriers because Karma was so heavy to carry down the stairs and all over outside when we have fire alarms go off here (at least once a year) and I tore the rotator cuff on my "good" arm a few years ago. That was a long sentence--LOL! She's still a pain to get down three flights of stairs, but then I can just wheel her to the garage and wait for the fire trucks. She howls and cries the whole time until we get to the garage and she stops moving. My plans of actually taking her for walks evaporated quickly with the ruckus she makes. But other cats are okay with it and it is a cool idea! You can use them for small dogs, too. :)

    If your cats get along and are small enough (Karma is about 20 pounds, you know), I have seen people have 2-3 cats in the one stroller. Have fun and google them! :)


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