Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is how I have felt the past few days, too. Just want to curl up and sleep like Karma--LOL!
Well, my trip to the Moorhead Center Mall...mission accomplished. I learned tidbits of information from each of the drivers. Since it is difficult for me to stand for any length of time, I can request that they buzz me when they get here. That way, since there's no place to sit downstairs and they want us to be ready 10-15 minutes ahead of our pickup time, I can sit by the window up here and watch. The door buzzer calls my cell phone, so I can just head down as soon as I see them pull up or not worry if I'm puttering about at the last minute because I'll get a call. Same goes for when they pick me up at places where I can't see them from a place I can at the dentist's office. I just tell them that they need to come in and let me know when they're there. Nice! They do deal with a lot of people with walkers and canes, so they are used to being accommodating.
I also found out that you can buy a punch card that doesn't expire right from the driver and they take checks. $30 for 10 rides or $60 for 20 rides--that's $3.00 one way. That was so nice to know! I don't have to worry about having the correct amount of cash.
They were here about five minutes before pickup time. They have vans and I got to ride in the passenger seat--was the only passenger both ways this time. Got to Moorhead Center Mall a few minutes before 1pm, the time I requested to be there. My shopping didn't last long, though. I was dead tired from not sleeping much for three days and my lower back was really bad that day. I managed to wander about K&Krafts for about 25 minutes. They don't carry the magazine I was looking for (Art Journaling) and I didn't have anything else in particular I was looking for. I notice that every time I make it over there it is more and more for scrapbookers and less for cardmaking.
I decided I am definitely turning into a tightwad--LOL! I love to support the local small businesses but the less money I have with the prices of everything going up the less I am willing to pay extra for things I can buy for cheaper online...even including shipping! I was telling Dagan and Leah Wednesday night that the internet is like one giant Walmart making the local businesses suffer.
You know how when Walmart would move into a town and undercut all the local stores and many of them went out of business...well, these days it's internet shopping. And it's moved in everywhere! Amazon--for one--is like the Walmart of cyberspace. Not quite the same. There's a tremendous variety of places to shop online. But online shopping is really effecting local businesses.
Even JoAnn's. They have great deals online and I often shop there. But when I go to their actual store in town...they don't even carry a fraction of what they carry online. AND you cannot return an item you bought online to an actual local store. Things are just shifting. And me...I'm very much the online shopper, as you know. Being housebound, it's an absolute lifesaver!!
Anyways, I wandered through K&Krafts, aisle by aisle, but I was feeling miserable and didn't want to spend extra to buy anything. Then I thought, I need socks--have been looking online at those, too. Been in the mood for funky, wild socks...and some more feminine ones, too...tired of the plain white sport socks. I did this 20 years ago and had flowers and parrots and fish and bold stripes...was such fun! So I wandered over to Herberger's...but, once again, I can get them cheaper online. Didn't see anything I liked enough to pay extra for, either. So--that was it for me...35 minutes and I was done for. I called for pickup.
I had a place to sit next to the entrance door where I could see well. I tried to read, but you know us Scandinavians when we aren't sure how things work and are afraid of missing the very second the van arrives...couldn't concentrate to read when I was looking over at the door constantly. Heaven forbid the driver might have to wait for me for 30 seconds--LOL! It took about 35-40 minutes for the van to arrive to pick me up. Next time at the dentist I'll be able to just sit and read because they will have to come inside to collect me. ;)
By the time I got home (gone almost 2 hours), ate after not eating for 2 days and then called my dear friend, Ruby, to let her know how it went...well, I was in bed before 6:30pm! Slept till almost midnight...and then was back in bed at 6:30am and slept till 1pm. These last days have been predictably miserable...suffering the after effects of the anti-diarrhea pills. Opposite extreme--constipation, bloating, cramps, gas, and feeling quite generally lousy. Truth--the only place I can go and not have to do the pills and no eating thing is over to Dagan and Leah's. No wonder I don't like leaving the apartment--LOL! And I have to do this again for the dentist on the 29th.
Meanwhile...I went to start on some sewing repairs...and the machine didn't work! It was skipping stitches all over the place...wasn't catching the stitches half the time. I tried removing the bobbin and re-threading it...nothing. So, Leah took the machine with her last night (Wednesday) to bring it back and complain today. I had better not be charged anything at all, either. I was soooo disappointed! That machine should have been completely ready to roll! Oddly...the sample piece of fabric they left under the pressure foot was sewn with cream colored thread and the machine came back with black thread?
We'll see what happens with that.
Dagan and Leah came over last night. They had picked up this basket shelving unit at Target for my pantry wall. Closet Maid brand, so it should be good.
Dagan was the assistant.
Leah had her tools with her...portable drill and everything!
Our Tool Girl.
The handiwork.
I decided I wanted to split up the three-section unit into a two-section longer part and a one-section shorter part. Easier for us short people to reach more of it--LOL!
They just stuck the baskets wherever. They're all movable so I can adjust them to wherever I need them later on.
Leah's going to look over at Lowe's to see if they might have a deeper basket since Lowe's sells Closet Maid parts. I could use a deeper basket if they have one...for the giant saran wrap box. So, until I know for sure if I can get a deeper basket or even a shelf for that, I won't start rearranging the pantry. (Not feeling up to anything, anyways.)
Wait until Caroline sees this! I didn't tell her we were moving the broom holder thingie into the hall closet by the washer and dryer--hehe! Fun to surprise her!
Anyways, I did order (from Amazon--LOL!) some socks and some triple strength melatonin. I had tried melatonin some years ago and it did absolutely nothing for me. But I don't know if I ever looked at the dosage, you know. Just bought a bottle at Target. I thought maybe I'd try a second time...and stronger dose. Can't hurt, right?
*she says as her days and nights are flipped again*
I've also had strange gmail troubles. This new email system they have had been working fine (Leah showed me how to do it) when suddenly it was saying I had 40-some unread emails but I couldn't find them? And things were all in the wrong sections, too. But if I tried to move something that was in a wrong section--say removing the "important" or the "star"--they vanished altogether. Weirdest thing. I tried reorganizing my emails in different ways and finally some of them popped up--BUT many of them were old emails I had already read??? The next day...things seemed to be back to normal. I am not sure if I actually did lose emails in the process, though.
Oh, and Blogger was acting up, too, at the same time. So, I'm not sure if I missed some blog reading, ether. First it told me I wasn't following any blogs at all with nothing showing up on the reader...and then I saw older ones I had read mixed in with newer ones I hadn't read (I'm very methodical). So, I may have missed some blogs along the way, too. Things seem to have gone back to functioning normally now.
Knock on wood. ;)
So, Karma and I are just hanging out...sleeping as much as possible. I'm hoping to feel back to my normal in a little while. Just wanted you to know that we're okay over here and even have some new pantry shelving on the wall--whoohoo! Thanks Dagan and Leah!! I'll be catching up on blogs and emails soon, too. Almost the weekend already! Oh, and we've been having spring-like days in the 30s! Take care and I hope to be back again soon. :):)
"Remember when life's path is steep to keep your mind even."


  1. I always worry just a teeny bit when I don't see a Soul Comfort up for me to read. But you know, when your schedule is all up in the air like that, sometimes it takes a bit to get back into the swing of things.

    Glad to know the system works, now you can go wherever you need to. Cool! :-)

  2. I love how Karma's paw is hooked over the edge of her bed. So sweet!

    Glad to hear all went well with your trip to Moorhead Center Mall. The drivers do sound very accommodating with is really nice. So sorry that you went through the usual ordeal after the outing tho. shopping is massive! I like to order books online because they're so much cheaper than in book shop. It's more convenient to buy online too.

    I find it hard too read in waiting rooms...too many distractions, particularly if it's a hospital. I have this fear off getting too involved in a book and missing my name when it is called. lol

    Your Leah is sure one handy woman to have around! WTG!

    How odd about Gmail and Blogger. I haven't had any probs with them so far...cross fingers!

    You just rest up and take of yourself, my friend. I hope you're feeling a lot better soon.

    Much love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  3. I wouldn't mind curling up with Karma myself; my dentist trip today just about did me in... I'm becoming one of those people who prefers to stay home. I think it's the hastle involved in my going anywhere these days? *Shrugs*

    Glad the transport thing was a success. :)

    I agree about the things being cheaper online thing; then they wonder why people are shopping online instead of in stores.

    Hmmm... When did your e-mail issue happen? Did you get the e-mail I sent you on Sunday with the subject "I think it's done"?

  4. Wow - I feel tired just reading about your adventures! Good on you re: not buying for the sake of buying - that's a slippery slope to hoarding chaos, as a couple of my crafting friends can attest to.

    Same here in Aus re: online shops killing the local small businesses. The business council have even suggested that the Governemnt retrict the $amount that we can buy, as the GST (consumption tax) is not paid on goods bought outside Australia (under $1000 I think). However, some have decided to "Join 'em if you can't beat 'em", and have set up online shops in addition to their street front shop (but overseas for tax breaks), and have even told Aussie shoppers that their online prices are much much cheaper than the " real" store price! It's a tough one!

    Sorry to hear about the sleep probs. I've not tried melatonin. Fingers crossed you get some results.

    Love th pantry reorganisation. Mine is looking quite scary at the moment.

    Srapbooking shops here are dying. Two have shut down recently (same thing - can't compete with online shops with their rent to pay etc). One was housed in a huge warehouse and had Friday Champers Scrap nights. You paid $25 and scrapped till midnight with glasses of bubbles to make the night more merry. Where I teach does a lot of scrapping and card making, but finds that first term is always hard as people just don't have the money after shelling out for school books, uniforms etc. So many things are waiting for the economy to pick up...

    Anyway, enough rambling from me - hope you have a beautifully deep and loooong sleep soon!

  5. 1st, glad you've got a good driver system to get around. 2nd, leah is beautiful! look at that smile! :)

    3rd, i noticed problems with google reader - i wasn't getting feed from some of my blogs, then all of a sudden i had 30 new feeds to read from several days back. i hope it is fixed with its fits...

  6. It sounds like it would be hard having flipped days/nights. I was doing it a little this past summer but now am pretty much with it for the usual sleep/wake thing. I'm always afraid someone will come knocking if I'm sleeping during the day, and they do.

    My Gmail has been really weird this past week. It just crashes for seemingly no reason. It seems like I've always had one problem or another with Blogger. Now, the word verification thing is making me crazy since I can't read the words. It usually takes me three or four tries.

  7. I had a trip to the dentist last week. I hope yours goes well.

    The new bathroom shelving is really nice!

  8. Hi Rita! I'm sorry you have not been feeling well. I hope that clears up and you get some sleep and are able to eat. I prefer internet shopping over anything else....well except buying clothes because they have to be tried on.
    The new shelves are neat. I'm sure you will fill them up pretty quickly.
    I can't believe your sewing machine did not work when you went and had it fixed! That had do be a pain. I hope they fix it right this time. Jeeze.

  9. So sorry to hear that your days are flipped and you're feeling poorly again! But I'm glad you were able to get out and about with no hassle!!! So nice that you have access to that service!

    I would love to be able to putter around stores (besides the PX & Commissary, lol!), but for now it's only internet shopping for me too. I'm looking forward to visiting England, whenever that is!, because they truly do have the BESTEST paper crafting shops!!!! I'll probably go mad just drinking it all in, lol!

    Get some rest!!!

  10. I am so glad to hear you and Karma are okay ~ Sending healing energy your way ~ feel better soon ~ Missed you as I have been making the transition from my original blog (Share the Creative Journey) to my newer one (A Creative Harbor) so thought I missed you ~ and then checked comments and said I better try and track her down ~ I am now going to put you on my Blogs of Note list ~ so I won't lose ya! ~ Glad you have shelving and do feel better soon ~ hugs and namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  11. It is good to hear these driver picker up people are workable for you.

    Leah is so handy! That system looks very cool, and great to be organized!!! :D

    You know I am an AVID online shopper, I so dislike dealing with the traffic, the people and such! In most cases it works out better for me I think and I can often find things better priced online. And there are many online places i shop that still are small business owned actually.

    I have been so swamped and overwhelmed at work, and suffering from bad migraines and nightmares as of late so I have got very Little accomleshde, like a letter for you! I have been collecting bits of stuff though to send you a goodie box! :D

  12. Rita ~ I am no longer posting on Share the Creative Journey ~ Only posting on A Creative Harbor ~ will eventually get everything off the previous one ~ 2 blogs was just too time consuming ~ so am trying to simplify my life ~ In this world it can be difficult to do ~ hugs and namaste ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  13. I'm glad the drivers were so accommodating and helped you understand how things can be done, but I gotta be honest with you...that 35-40 minute wait would have really gotten to me. I'm not one to be able to sit around.

    I hope your body adjusts and you get back on days and your insides cooperate. I don't know how you do it. *hugs*

    The shelving looks great. Leah is really handy to have around. ;)

    Sometimes online is the only place you can find what you need. Stores just don't have the money anymore to invest into inventory that doesn't move very fast.

    Sweet picture of Karma. :) I hope you both have a nice weekend. *hugs*

  14. Djan--Never fear. I always return. Like a bad penny--LOL! ;)

    Serena--The usual routine is a royal pain, that's for sure!
    I shop almost exclusively online except for the few things I have Leah pick up for me--even my groceries are online shopped. ;)
    You stay well, too!! xoxo

    Tori--I hope you're all done with the dentist now for a while. I know it's a real hassle for me making appointments.
    I don't see that one. Can you resend it. Sorry. Must have been one of the lost emails--drat! I was hoping I hadn't actually lost any. :(

    Cindy--I don't have enough money to just buy to buy--LOL! But I have enough craft and art supplies, anyways.
    I've never heard of anyone trying to put a limit on internet spending. I know they had to hone in on taxing over here so that now you pay taxes on the goods sometimes. At first it was if you ordered online in the same state, but now I see taxes here and there. Doesn't seem to be consistent. I think eventually the majority of shopping will be online. There's just so much less overhead. That's why they can sell for cheaper online. And you have the whole world to sell to. How can you beat that? ;)
    K&Krafts in town here is locally, privately owned. To compete she holds all sorts on events--make'n takes, demos, classes, "garage" sales where you can sell your old craft stuff--and she has scrapbooking weekends at the store and even a getaway weekend someplace else. You have to be innovative to stay in business and she certainly is. :)

    Theresa--Yes, I love that picture of Leah! I hope the glitches are straightened out with google now. Have a nice weekend! :)

    Rubye--Ha! Yah! Like when I am sleeping and the mail lady calls to tell me I have a package and I have to throw on clothes like a crazy woman to rush downstairs to get it before she leaves. (They aren't supposed to leave a package down there on the floor, of course. LOL!
    I HATE the new word verification!! AWK!!! You are talking to choir there, lady!

  15. Beth--I hope it all goes well. Doesn't always seem to these days. Thanks. :)

    Barb--Better now, thanks. I know! The sewing machine worked just fine last I used it before I had it cleaned, oiled, and adjusted. *sigh* He'd better not charge me anything!

    Jeannie--If you ever do get to England I want to see pictures of the cool places and anything you buy!! Promise!! ;)

    Carol & AMDog--I'm glad you won't lose me now. Two blogs are a lot of work. I spend enough time on just my main blog here. If I posted regularly on the other one I'd be swamped under--LOL!

    Desi--Yes, I think a lot of businesses are realizing that they do need to have an online shop. And doing that has really helped some smaller shops grow, too! I think of Wet Canvas in the Twin's just one crammed full art store. They have not only got an online business going but they have started up a huge online art community! Amazes me. It's the wave of the future.
    Oh goodness! Don't worry about writing--just do that when you feel good and have time. And a goodie box!!! Good grief!! You have enough going on, lady! Take it easy and have a great weekend! :):)

    AliceKay--I am used to waiting for buses. I took the buses when I was going to college up here and often had to wait half an hour in Moorhead because buses ran about every half hour. Since I moved here--well, the bus that does run past my apartment only runs once an hour. so when I did take it (until Dagan and Leah lent me Dagan's old car) I sometimes had to wait up to an hour just for the one bus...and I had to take up to three buses to get places like federal housing. The other two bus routes run about every 30-45 minutes. You could spend a lot of time waiting. That's why I call it "bus stop patience" and why I never left the house without a book, pen, and paper. ;)
    LOL! You do what you have to do--even if it's (literally) a pain in the a$$. :)
    True. That's why they have more selection online. Less overhead--can stock more variety at less cost.
    You have a great weekend, too! :)

  16. i have that same new shelving you got...on the inside of the kitchen pantry door...i don't have any DEEP baskets either??!
    glad you have the whole RIDE thing down...

    i had problems with the gmail when they changed things around...but you can go into your settings and NOT USE the 'sections'...makes it much easier...having ALL your emails STAY in the INBOX until you delete it!!

    OH, the melatonin son & brother used that for trouble sleeping. they swore that the sublingual type worked best for them! :)

    hope you have a good day rita!!

  17. I couldn't agree more re: transitioning to online shopping. I never thought I'd see the day where I would prefer it but lately, I really do.

  18. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Leah is such a beautiful girl! Love your new pantry shelves. I wish I had a place for a pantry.

    I like ordering online too but many places charge too much for shipping to Alaska. I mostly use amazon because most other places use only UPS or Fed Ex to ship to Alaska. I hate that. One time I bought something on ebay and when the lady saw my address she emailed me and said "we don't ship to foreign countries" LOL Karma looks so cute with her arm hooked over like that. Glad you're starting to feel better. So am I.

  19. Good to hear from you ~ now I am 'down' with some 'viral' thing 'throwing and going' hope it is just a 24 hr thingy ~ I don't do 'ill' well ~ Hope you are sleeping better ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  20. Dear Rita,
    The car/bus service sounds so well thought out and so accommodating. The cost seems reasonable also. I'm glad you've found this service. I hope you won't always have to wait 35 minutes though for the driver to arrive when you are waiting to go home.

    Like you, I do more and more shopping on line. Basically for books from Amazon. But also for toner for the printer and vacuum bags. I like to support local small businesses also and did much more of that when I lived in the much smaller town of Stillwater.

    I hope that sleep schedule of yours gets back to normal. It's been so topsy-turvy.


  21. I understand your desire to support the local businesses and I do too. I just think that paying less for petrol, irons out the cheaper prices of the bigger outlets.
    Although the smaller local shops don't stock everything you want:)

  22. Nope, not done at the dentist; got to go back on the 28th, and depending on how long it takes perhaps again after that.

    I thought as much (about the e-mail). Yes, I'll send it again. :)

  23. Life can be so complicated at times.
    But isn't it good that you have kind people helping you along the way? Even those drivers seem to be totally accommodating.

  24. I love organization - those shelves look great. Today I felt like Karma too. Very snoozy. It was nice this morning and we got a walk in, but later we got a crazy wild snow squall. Maybe more tomorrow. HOpe you feel yourself again soon.

  25. Just popped in to say I'm thinking of you and hoping you'll be feeling up to par soon. Stay well, my friend.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  26. Laura--Cool! We have the same shelving unit. Yup--they can go over the door, too. My pantry door slides sideways, though. We even kind of tried it out on my bedroom door to see how it worked and it is so cool! Snaps into place and away you go--and removable. Awesome!
    I like the gmail sections when they work. Luckily (knock on wood) it's been working fine since the glitchy days.
    I really hope the melatonin works for me, too. :) Have a good week, lady!!

    Oh--I almost forgot. A girlfriend was telling me about a reality show on the Science channel called Oddities and I thought of you. She said there was somebody who collected bones and painted some of them and sold them! If you don't have cable (I don't) you can try and find someplace online where you can watch it (what I'm going to do because it's not on Netflix yet). You're definitely who I think of when it comes to bones and scat--LOL! ;)

    Kymberly-- I couldn't find some of the art, craft or pen supplies I wanted so I became a catalog shopper decades ago. I guess online shopping was a natural transition for me. Imagine how lost I'd be right now being housebound! I just love it!

    Donna--I've never had a pantry in an apartment before and I love it! But I would need it here. With that "window" (hole) between the living room and the kitchen I have very little cupboard space at all.
    Shame shipping costs so much more to Alaska. But a "foreign country"--that's such a sad commentary on our schools.
    Glad you're feeling better, too. :)

    Carol & AMDog--Oh no! There's so much of that crud going around. Doing "ill" is no fun, I know. Hope you're feeling better by now. :):)

    Dee--I'm sure I'll wait even longer for the bus and sometimes shorter. Just part of the package. And why a lot of the seniors who went straight from driving to riding the senior bus complain about that a lot--LOL! ;)
    Yes, when I buy books I often buy them from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. :)
    I love Stillwater! All the antique shops and gift shops...and being able to eat outside and gaze out at the river in the summertime--ahhh! When I lived in Minneapolis a girlfriend and I used to try to make regular trips to Stillwater every year and spend the day wandering.
    I am hoping my sleep schedule is okay for seeing Dagan and Leah Wednesday night, but not sure. Have a great week! :)

  27. Gwen--I had always supported small local businesses. I guess I just feel badly that I just don't have the mobility or the money to do that as much anymore. But now I try to support some smaller online businesses--like GouletPens, for example. :)

    Tori--Good luck! I might have to go back this time, too.
    I got the email this time and will read and respond soon. :)

    Friko--Yes, those drivers were so nice. Especially the first guy. What a gentleman and extra helpful. He works four days a week, so I might see him again one day. Have a nice Monday!!

    Melissa--Aha! Another organizer. :)
    It's hard to go walking in a snow squall! I hope you have some decent weather soon. :)

    Serena--Yes, I'm finally feeling better. Thanks, Sweetie!! *love and hugs* :):)

  28. Glad you got it this time! :)

  29. Tori--Yup! I'll email you after I read it all. :)

  30. What are you going to come up with next... I think you would definitely like Pinterest after all. Yes, you will probably become addicted, but they have A L O T of great organizing ideas... like using a dishwasher rack for files. Toilet paper rolls for ribbons or even necklaces to keep them from tangling. Tempt...tempt...tempt???

  31. Nikki--OMG! I am on the laptop so much as it is my body is protesting all the time--LOL! I think it would go on strike if I took up anything else--LOLOL! I keep hearing about Pinterest, though. Maybe one of these days.... ;)

  32. The shelves look great! What a treat to have a place to put things - and they'll all be so easy to see now.

    Had to laugh about your comment about watching for the van and not being able to read. That sounds like something I would do.

    Internet shopping does make a difference when it's difficult to get out. And, you're right, when you can get things for less money online sometimes that **has** to be the choice you make. For me, it comes down to trying to make a limited income stretch.

    Hope the sewing machine isn't acting up any more for you. It's always nice to be able to sew something when you want to and not have to deal with bobbin issues.

  33. Ann--I love the basket shelves. Just wish they were deeper.
    LOL--I kept looking up so often I couldn't even read--yup! Maybe it's a Minnesota thing--not wanting to keep anyone waiting, ya know? ;)
    I have to make a very limited income stretch, too. ;) You really become a comparison shopper. Sadly, online wins...even before I was housebound. Not being able to get out just sealed the deal--LOL!
    I hope that when Leah picks up the machine and I finally get it back that it will work perfectly this time. ;)

  34. Like a bad case of Herpies, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaackkkk!

    :) Of course, there are no good cases of Herpies....

    I see the "road crew" working on things in your apartment - a sexy closet helper at that... did they put out any orange cones first?

    Hope you are feeling well! Sounds like the bus ride isn't Rita-friendly but will be Rita-helpful.

  35. Iggy--Glad to see you back!! :):) Nope, no orange cones this time--LOL! ;)


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