Sunday, February 12, 2012


I shouldn't be posting again when I am so far behind online, but this will be a quick. ;) Karma tried to claim one of the JoAnn's boxes. It was just a bit too small for her and she lost interest pretty quickly.
Rubye wondered where the fabric was in my order--LOL! So I decided to take most of the fabric out of the box for some pics. I bought most of these around 14-15 years ago when I worked in an office and needed skirts, vests, and jackets to wear every day. Some of it is older than that--a couple newer. You know how when you are sewing regularly and you see something pretty that you fall in love with...LOL!
The black and rusty brown fabrics on the left are faux suede.
I knew any of these could make pretty journal covers--but some of the fabric is quite thin and that's why I wanted the heavyweight fusible interfacing. Might be a way to use a thin chipboard insert if the interfacing doesn't work?
The lighter fabric kept having a glare, so here's a better shot by itself. It's like a floral watercolor!
So this is why I didn't need to buy any fabric. ;) Been carrying a box full around for years. So long that I can't remember what I had planned to make with which fabric and which pattern. Especially since I occasionally bought a couple yards just because with no specific pattern in mind. I can't work anywhere anymore--and, truth, I'm much fluffier than I was 15 years ago--so I can use it for whatever I feel like. ;)
Anyways, didn't sleep much at all last night, either.
Looks like I might not catch up too much online today, either.
I will eventually. I promise. :)
Quiet, noodle weekend here.
Hope it's a good one your way. :)
"Darkness deserves gratitude. It is the allelula point at which we learn to understand that all growth does not take place in the sunlight."
Joan Chittister


  1. You have a very interesting collection of fabrics and each would be amazing as a journal cover. My favourite is the floral....I am a sucker for flowers.
    Have a fantastic week....just keep busy:)

  2. There we go!
    These would be great for journal covers, but also clothes would be good?
    I hope tonight is better for sleeping for you. I haven't slept well the last couple of nights either -- maybe it's the moon.

  3. Wonderful quote! I love seeing all your craft projects - you make me wish I was still quilting.

  4. Cute, Karma!

    Those fabrics will keep you busy for a while.

    I hope you manage to catch up on some sleep, Rita. I know how it feels to be zombie-like due to lack of sleep. Take care and get some rest.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  5. Oooooo pretty fabric. I guess bright minds think alike because I was working on my journal cover last night. I just used spray adhesive on cardboard. It looks nice though!

  6. I had to come over and get my Karma fix for the day. And that last fabric is simply so beautiful!

  7. The pictures of Karma always make me smile.

    I sewed a lot when my children were small. I gathered a lot of fabric which I finally got rid of along with the sewing machine.

    You have a very nice selection of fabric.

  8. Aww...poor Karma. (she looks a bit annoyed)

    You have some very nice fabric there. Would make beautiful journal covers.

    I hope you're able to get some sleep soon. *hugs*

  9. You look like you're well set up to make some journal covers with fabric!! Can't wait to see what you do!

  10. You have some very pretty fabrics. They will make some nice projects.

  11. Gwen--I love that floral one, too. The pattern would be large, but I think it would still be pretty. :)

    Rubye--LOL! Maybe clothes, too. But then I rarely leave the maybe a waste of fabric. ;)
    I wonder if it is the moon? Darn it.

    Deb--My best friend has made quilts but hasn't for years. She's gotten the bug again, too. I've never quilted...yet. Not that I need anything else to do--LOL! ;)

    Serena--About time I did something with them. :)
    I know! Zombieland is not a good place to live. Or visit. ;)

    Donna--Cool! I am planning to make refillable covers at first, but I might use fabric when I make some new handmade journals in the future, too. Take pictures!! :)

    Djan--LOL! Your Karma fix! My aunt does that, too. Says she needs her Karma fix. :)

    Beth--Glad you like to see what Karma is up to. I'm so glad I never gave my machine away and that I hung on to the fabric. I started sewing when Dagan was a baby, too. :):)

    AliceKay--Haha! Yes, she gave up on that box. :)
    Still trying to get some sleep. *sigh*

    Carol C--I am set up! I'll take pictures, never fear! ;)

  12. Karma is such a crack-up LOL!

    Oh and I LOVE the grayish/black fabric in the middle.
    I used to have a sewing business and my entire basement is filled with fabric. I really need to start selling it on ebay or something. I could probably stock an entire store ;)

  13. "Darkness deserves gratitude. It is the allelula point at which we learn to understand that all growth does not take place in the sunlight."
    Joan Chittister

    Well, I am in teh Darkeness and working on the Alleluia point

  14. Sweet Karma wasn't happy, heh. Beautiful fabric. I am somewhat of a fabric hoarder and always think someday... I've learned to stay out of the fabric departments ;)

    Have a wonderful day and wishes for some shuteye (for both of us!)


  15. Karma wants you to buy a "Cat Horn" - they look sort of shoe horns, but you use them to squeeze cats into small boxes...

  16. Having a good eye day so I came for a visit. Looks like you have another project started! Karma apparently likes all your projects! Hope all is well and thanks for sticking with me through this time. If my eyes hold a little longer I'll be back soon. If not I want to just thank you for sticking with me.

  17. Dear Rita,
    The fabric is lovely. I especially like the watercolor-like floral one. How beautiful that would be on a couch.

    The quote hits home for me. Thank you.

    Joan Chittister is a Benedictine nun from Erie, Pennsylvania. A friend of mine is a close friend of Joan's. We met about thirty years ago at St. John's Benedictine Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota. Even then, she was dynamic. When she spoke in a group, it was as if she was speaking just to me.

    She's a true pacifist. She not only "talks the talk," she also always "walks the walk."


  18. Hope the sandman visits you tonight so you can get lots of rest. That is a great box of fabric just waiting to be used!

  19. Karma is so adorable ~ love her! ~ Fabric ~ Wow! you will be busy creating ~ Wonder what you will create ~ Happy Valentine's Day ~ Carol

    PS ~ Merging my blogs to one A Creative Harbor ~ so everything is under construction ~

  20. You've been hoarding treasures!

    I slept badly last night too, I was so exhausted that I went to sleep in the afternoon.

  21. Like a time machine those fabrics! I think they are crying out to be made into "fancy works" and " removable collars"! I too have a box of "for office wear" fabrics as well. I've decided to turn them into flocks of little birdies, maybe even a mobile if I can make enough. My best sewing skill was unpicking.....

    Hope you catch up on some sleep soon!

  22. Now your sewing machine is fixed you can make all kinds of things with all that fabric!

    Hope you got some decent sleep and caught up a bit online.

  23. Rae--Thanks! Enough there to keep me busy for a long, long time the way I rotate projects around--LOL! ;)

    Elisa--Sewing business? Now you've got me wondering what that was all about. A basement full of fabric! Wow! You could sell it on, too. Or start your business back up? ;)

    Trisha--You have to want the light more than the darkness. We can actually become more comfortable with darkness (victim-loss, pain, sorrow) because it is just so totally familiar to us. I do know.

    Deanna--Too easy to become a fabric hoarder--LOL! I bought most of these when I was working two jobs--average of 117 hours a week--like I had time to sew! ;)

    Iggy--ROFL@Cat Horn!!! Have to be an extra large! ;)

    Melynda--Oh, Sweetie!! I am so sticking with you! Thrilled some of your sight has returned--for however long. So tickled that you could stop by. I'm honored you'd spend your precious time with a visit to Karma and me. Bless you, dear one!! :):)

    Dee--That watercolor fabric on a couch...I think that was a remnant and could have been upholstery fabric. I think I was going to try to make a vest out of it.
    That's so amazing that you actually know Joan Chittister! I get daily quotes from a couple places and save the ones I like. Have hundreds--what are the odds. ;)

    Carolyn--No Mr. Sandman. :( Maybe his hours were cut or he was let go like so many others. ;)

    Carol & AMDog--I'll always post pictures of whatever I am "creating", that's for sure. Merging blogs--cool! Just so I don't lose you. :)

    Friko--LOL! Yes! I confess! I am a treasure hoarder. You betcha! ;)
    Sorry you're having a hard time sleeping lately, too. Catch a few winks when you can! :)

    Cindy--"fancy works"--doesn't that just crack you up! LOL! I gotta make me some of those. ;)
    Turning your "for office wear" box of fabric into flocks of little birdies--now that I'll be waiting to see. LOL@best sewing skill the unpicking!! Very familiar with that skill. ;)

    Tori--Yup! Lots of choices of what to make with the fabric. :)
    I did get caught up online some, but still not catching up much on sleep. Soon, I hope. :)

  24. Lovely fabrics, Rita. It always cracks me up the way cats love boxes, and even more so when they get their heads into a paper bag! Has Karma ever done that?

  25. I guess even plants need darkness...

  26. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Karma! :)

  27. So much pretty fabric! I love sewing. Just yesterday I was thinking I'll probably get out my sewing machine and make something. Not sure what yet.

  28. ((i am REALLY behind too....))

    what a wonderful collection of fabric!! journal covers would be very cool...and i bet you'll come up with lots of other ideas too! hey! maybe a little outfit for karma!! ha!

  29. Hey, Rita... you could make some journal covers with those fabrics!

  30. My gosh, my comment was so redundant. You already mentioned that!!! I do wonder, HOW do you store all that stuff!!

  31. That watercolour flower fabric is just beautiful isn't it and I really loved the second from the right... love the natural background colour... you are so clever to be able to sew... xx

  32. Hey Rita!! Love all the fabric and your ideas for things to do with it all. :) I'm getting ready to sew up a costume for a Titanic Memorial Tea for the 100th year. Wish me luck!

  33. I haven't visited for a few days and see that Sunday was the last time you posted. I do hope you're alright? Just keeping busy? Hopefully, the sandman has started calling at bedtime again?
    I love your fabrics. There are some really beautiful, standout pieces. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Book covers is a lovely idea!

  34. I used to sew A LOT!! I made tons of clothes for Alex and Shane when they were little (and I was broke!). But the cost of notions now make it more expensive, and the Army movers broke my sewing machine when I first married Thomas. Alex always had the cutest dolls clothes and barbie doll clothes too!!

  35. Jenny--Nope. Karma doesn't seem to want to go inside of bags, just to lay on top of them. She has gotten her head almost stuck in a small box, though--LOL! ;)

    Snowbrush--Everything needs darkness, but too much of it and nothing will grow.

    Connie--Thanks! Same to you, FarGuy, and Chance! :)

    Barb--If you decide to sew--take pictures!! :)

    Laura--LOL@an outfit for Karma!! I'm behind once again now! ;)

    Nikki--LOL! I guess I am constantly thinking, arranging, rearranging...and then Leah took all the handmade papermaking supplies to her place--hehe! ;)

    Tracey--Oh, the brown one with the mauve flowers? Luscious!!
    I learned the basics in Home Economics class in high school. :)

    Stephanie--Oh goodness! The Titanic Memorial Tea--take pictures! Of what you sew and the tea!!! Fun! :)

    Desiree--I'm finally feeling better now (Sat). Thanks so much! :)

    Jeannie--That's when I really learned to sew, too. My mom bought me this machine when Dagan was a baby. I hope the army offered to replace the sewing machine they broke! :(


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