Friday, November 05, 2010


Apparently there's a lot of planning, discussion, and impromptu meetings involved in roof repair. I hope they get done before the snow flies.
Funny how I usually forget all about taking pictures while I have company. Too busy at the time and I forget, I guess.
Dagan and Leah made it over last night for spinach and mushroom quiche with French silk pie for dessert. They put the bookcase together--tada! And then Leah worked on distressing the tree circles for the Christmas cards.
She got almost 50 of them done already! She'll work some more on them next week.
Karma was sitting in the darkened corner spying out the window last night when I turned on the lights over the craft table to take the pictures. She wasn't happy with my interfering with her late night CatTV, I guess.
This is her over the shoulder "are you leaving any time soon?" look.
What's so interesting about a dark empty parking lot, anyways?
Here's the bookcase... waiting in the hallway for its new home.
The plan is for Dagan and Leah to come over next week and move the dresser around next to the bookcase in the bedroom here.
Before they come over I plan to drain down the fish tank and just leave enough water so the fish can survive for a few hours. The new bookcase is going to go on the wall where the dresser is now. The cardboard box with the rag over it--that's the misting box we use for crafting. I keep a rag over it now to keep the cat hair out after the last time we discovered all the teeny, annoying gifts from Karma we had to pick off...ROFL!
Getting that time of year. The fans will be put away and Leah helped me bring the humidifier in from the storage area last night. Once the furnace is on the dryness sets in.
Dagan put the globe back up on the ceiling light in the hallway. (Better not leak now!) And he changed a bulb for me in the ceiling fixture in the bedroom, too. Boy! I am all set, eh?
Dagan is going to come and pick up the McLap this weekend. His BIL, Chuck, is going to install Windows 7 on the McLap for me. I have been trying for most of this year to get used to Mac's system for storing pictures and such.
I am done.
This MacBookPro is supposed to be set up so that you can install Windows (one of the reasons I bought it), so it shouldn't be a problem. Chuck is a Mac person and he has done this before. Since Dagan has never owned or worked on a Mac, he'd feel more comfortable with Chuck doing this for me. I think I might have both systems still on here so that I could go back and forth, but Dagan wasn't positive.
All I know is I have never gotten to the point I am comfortable with the limited Mac ways. They do things automatically for you most times and it is a real pain for me to want to do them differently. I had never had anything but Windows since my first computer in 1998 and it might have been different if I had learned on a Mac, I suppose. Anyways, now I will get Windows back and there's a new Windows 7 to learn, too--hehe! As long as I can figure out how to sort and store my photos so that I can actually find them, post stored photos, and print them again the way I want to, I'll be happy.
Note: That is why I have not been posting on my art blog. Became a herculean task for me to go back over the month and even locate the photos. Long story, but once I get used to Windows 7 I should be back in business again. :)
Let's see...I watched Toy Story 3 and thought it was really cute! Tried to do more with my arm a couple days ago and it was a no-go. The burning started up again right away. It is still touchy, so I am taking it easy with it. Because of the bum arm, change of plans. Leah will be coming over here on Tuesdays to work on cards till the Christmas cards are done instead of me going over there to work on etsy stuff. So--tentatively--we are planning on Tuesday and Wednesday next week over here--one night for cards and one night for moving the bookcase and dresser.
With my body being in charge of my life these days, my entire life is nothing but tentative plans--ROFL!
The plan for today--dentist checkup this afternoon. Hopefully when I get my teeth cleaned they won't find anything else to fix--hehe! ;)
Sleep--been all over the place. I've been taking a lot of 3 hour random naps. Karma is exhausted. ;)
Well, that's it from here.
As Arnold said--I'll be back. :):)
"It always comes back to the same necessity: go deep enough and there is a bedrock of truth, however hard."
May Sarton


  1. Why is it always "meetings" as the excuse for not getting stuff done?

    Perhaps it wasn't anything in the "parking lot" Karma was watching... Perhaps you just disturbed her while she was meditating?

    Glad Leah and Dagan were able to get things sorted for you with the cards and bookcase. Hope when you get Windows 7 you can figure it out quickly and do what you want to be doing. :)

    Also, hope the dentist appointment goes smoothly, and that you don't get any more leaks!

  2. Looks like those guys were just taking their time. They better hurry along and get the job done.

    The distressed ink around the green tree looks nice. Can't wait to see the finished card. :)

    I loved the pics of Karma. I laughed when I read "are you leaving any time soon?". LOL

    The bookshelf looks huge. I'm sure it'll look really nice in your room after you get the dresser moved around and the bookshelf in place.

    I almost bought "Toy Story 3" at Kmart today, but then didn't. I plan to soon, tho. I think Ryan would love to see it. :)

    My dad used to have an Apple computer. It was one of the first ones that came out way back when. (i think he may still have it somewhere, too)

    I hope the arm feels better soon and the dentist visit went well. Take care of yourself and rest when you can.

  3. Hi Rita,

    I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here. So sorry to hear you overdid things and now your arm is giving you lots of pain. Try to ease up and rest as much as you can.

    Spinach and mushroom quiche...YUM!!! The bookcase looks nice. Good luck with draining the fish tank for the furniture moving.

    I'm glad that you still haven't had any more leaks...good news for sure!

    I hope the Windows 7 installs without any probs. Michelle uses Windows 7 and loves it.

    I hope things went well at the dentist for you.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    Serena xo

  4. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I love your bookcase and it sure is a big one also. OMG I laughed out loud at the picture of Karma looking out the window between the blinds like a nosy lil woman hahaha So sorry about your arm still bothering you I sure hope it feels better for you soon and I hope your dentist appt went well :o) Hope you are having a good weekend.

  5. So much going on!! I can't wait to see your Christmas cards! I enlarged a couple of pics and saw some interesting stamps on your table. I'm soooo nosy, lol! Your cat looks like a real fun character!!!! :D

  6. I hope your arm is feeling good today - it might be needed up there on the roof to drive nails (or perhaps you could drive your steel toed boots into some backsides?)

    I bet THAT would entertain Miss Karma!! :) Late Night Cat TV huh, so does she prefer Leno, Letterman, or Conan O'Brien?

    I like Jimmy Fallon myself, "Daylight Savings ends this Sunday. If you’re confused about when to set your clocks back or ahead, just remember this simple rule: You gain an hour every fall, and you lose an hour every time you watch an episode of 'Jersey Shore.'"

  7. Thanks everybody! I am having to limit the use of my arm still quite a bit. I read and appreciate every single comment made and, as you know, I usually answer individually--but I am going to have to pass on that luxury for a little while or I will get so far behind in acknowledging your wonderful comments that I'll never catch up. You guys are great!! :):)


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