Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Karma having a peaceful evening.
The roofers may not be taking up space next to the building sidewalk, but they are sure sprawled out on the other side of the parking lot.
I've heard them working on the roof this week. On the roof across the way the random clutter is gone--and the ladder on the ground.
But they still haven't re-sided those nooks and crannies. I think I'll be doing the happy dance when they are done and all their equipment is gone. I am tired of having my blinds closed most of the time. (They often lean a ladder right in front of my balcony or living room windows because I am on one end of the building.) Soon the slow workers should finally be done. :)
Funny--there has been like three times in the past few days that I have talked online about the lazy susan we use for craft supplies. So--I took some pictures--as is--dust and all.
I'd be absolutely lost without it! We keep so many things handy and can work on opposite sides of the table and reach everything. And if we want the table completely cleared off--lift and gone!
We have misters (colored ones are in the oval box), glazes, glue sticks, Flower Soft glue, paper towels...
...glue dots, sander, tapes, paper scraper/edge rougher, ScorBug, foam dots & squares...
...and cups filled with goodies: Various scissors, bone folders, tweezers, pens, pencils, water brushes, tiny craft brushes, versa markers, short rulers, stylus, glue pens. We have scratch paper handy and tucked in the center are toothpicks and a small bottle of bleach.
I was using a 30+ year old rickety lazy susan and Leah surprised me with this new sturdy one with the rubber covering the base! Can't even remember when--must have been a couple of years ago? Seems like this awesome new one has been here forever. The rubber helps keep things from sliding all over the place. They stay put. LOVE IT!!! :):) Anyways, that's what we keep on the lazy susan right now. The supplies do get altered a little once in a while, as needed.
I have everything set up on Leah's side of the table for finishing off the Christmas cards.
My arm is slowly getting better--almost good-to-go pretty soon here. Leah is going to help with finishing the cards. After my arm acted up, I don't think doing all that distressing is a good idea for me to try to tackle. You have to press down on the paper (with my left hand) to hold it in place as you rub the distress ink on it. I could do it, but I think I'd have to do so few at a time I wouldn't get done till Valentine's Day--ROFL!! We'll have to decide whether to do the distressing or not. They look okay without it, too.
Plans have kept changing this week. Caroline had a dentist appointment today, so she's coming over on Thursday. Dagan and Leah were coming over on Wednesday, now they're coming over on Thursday, too. The only thing that hasn't changed (except in my memory) is my dentist appointment on Friday.
Poor Caroline! First I told her we could switch to Thursday because I thought I had the dentist on Friday. I looked at my calendar and I had written down that I had the dentist on Thursday--so I tell her Friday. Then I see on my weekly schedule that I had written the appointment down for Friday! Good grief! So, I went and dug the appointment card out of my purse and it was Friday. I was right in the first place and I had to switch the poor girl back again to Thursday. It will be my fault if she shows up on the wrong day!
I was sooo tired. No wonder I couldn't think straight. For a couple of days I only slept a restless 3 hours. Finally this morning I laid back down--and slept fairly well all day from 8am-4pm. But now I'm messed up for the rest of the week with appointments. Such is life, eh? Who cares! It felt so good to sleep. :):)
I only had two little girls come to the door on Sunday for Halloween. It was late--after 8:30pm--so they each got a huge mittful of Tootsie Pops! That was fun to see their eyes get big--hehe!
Today is my son Dagan's birthday. My miracle baby is 36 years old! Do you believe it? Lifts my heart and soul. He will always be my special boy.
Happy Birthday, Dagan!
"A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships."
Helen Keller


  1. Happy birthday Dagan! :)

    I'm glad your shoulder is starting to heal up.

    Hope those roofers are done soon so you and Karma can get back to your... Erm... Sort of normal-ish routine. Normal for you, anyway! ;)

    Great quote!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Dagan. I hope he had a nice birthday.

    Those roofers should be done by now. Seems as though they're working rather slowly on that project. (sounds like the road construction crews around here)

    The lazy susan is a great idea, and that one looks really nice. The rubber backing makes it different from ones I've seen.

    Good to hear your arm is feeling better. Remember not to overdo. :)

    Will be thinking about you on Friday. I haven't made my dentist appointment yet. Other things have first priority.

    And with that said, I gotta go get ready for work. :\ It's a cold start here thing morning. It's already 8:30 and still only 25 degrees outside. Heavy frost on everything. Hope you have a good day today.

  3. You are so organized, those cards will be done in not time. Love tootsie pops!

  4. Hello! I answered the comments you posted on my blog yesterday, only to realize they wouldn't go to you, poo!!! So I'll answer them here.

    Yes, I saw that show with Dr Oz! And I've used that against all the people who say that they "never" fart! HAHAHAHA

    And I also said I was on my way to find your blog. Here I am! I love Karma already!

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I would be ready for the work men to be done already and gone also :o) I love the lazy susan idea that is wonderful! Happy Birthday to your son :o) I hope you are having a good week.

  6. Thanks everybody!! :)

    I thought my arm was better and did a little more to test it--no dice. The burning starts in my wrist and goes up my arm to a little past my elbow. (Muscle injury.) Since I am trying to be good and not use it much, I am answering everyone at once this time--sorry. I am hoping to make a late birthday dinner for Dagan on Thursday night, so I am trying not to use it. So embarrassing that I did this to myself--duh! Other than the bum arm all is well and sunny up here in Fargo. :)

    Must say a special hello to Cheri and Aunt of 14! Hope you come by again soon. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Dagan!!!!!


    Lady Gaga went to a yoga class in London this week wearing platform boots, sunglasses, and a dress. You'd think that would be pretty impractical, but she totally nailed the position "Downward-Facing Weirdo...."

    Thank you Jimmy Fallon... now go away...

  8. Iggy--still chuckling at the "downward facing weirdo"!! ;)


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