Sunday, November 28, 2010


Karma was snoozing in the sun on the carpet minding her own business...
...when I came sneaking up with the camera. She looked the camera right in the eye...
...and then let me know what she thought of the intrusion. Can a cat look disgusted?
Here's the additional box of cards (I forgot to take a picture of) that we'll sell next year on the etsy shop.
We're never exactly sure how many we'll use, you know? And then we have some already done to have for sale the following year. :)
I stamped up a sample page to show the simple sentiments people can choose from.
And now I need to make some samples of my handwriting for the really personalized sentiments. But I have to decide on what kind of pen to use first. ;) I just want to have these done by Tuesday so Leah can have them for the shop.
Since it snowed Karma has added something to her morning routine. After her canned spoonful treat in the pantry Karma usually goes right to the dogbed and wants some of her dry cat treats (just diet cat food). Heaven forbid she actually eat out of her food dish, right? LOL! Well, now she has added wanting to go outside right after scooping a few treats out of the metal tea tin. Like she's turned into weather cat--just has to find out how cold it is and if there is more snow.
When it is really cold she mistakenly thinks she can change her mind. But if she cries to go out, she is going out--if I have to push her butt out the door. She quickly remembered from previous winters to just sit there--silently (as in the picture above). Because I just might let her off the hook if she hasn't been yowling and creating a ruckus to go out. ROFL!! If she hasn't expressed the verbal desire to go out, then she can feign that it was all my idea to open the door, after all. And I do allow her to change her mind. Politeness goes a long way in my book. She's a pretty smart cat. But if she's positive she wants out---she yowls. ;)
I've been working on balancing the checkbook, writing out bills, and I also got my new 2011 weekly planner all ready for the coming year. I keep track of birthdays and the monthly budget in there--now I am all set for 2011. :)
And in December or January, depending, Karma will be getting a new cat box for her litter box. There will be a huge change in Miss Karma's life. She has had the same one since she was a kitten--going on six years now. There will be pictures, of course--LOL!
Hope you're having a good weekend.
Bye-bye from Fargo! :)
"Gratitude is the intention to count-your-blessings every day, every minute, while avoiding, whenever possible, the belief that you need or deserve different circumstances."
Timothy Miller


  1. Yep, I'm pretty sure a cat can look disgusted. I've seen that look lots of times over the years. LOL

    I used to do that with my cats when they would howl at the door to go out. If they felt the cold and changed their minds, I would give them a little shove out. I'd let them back in after about 5 minutes, but if they made me go to the door, they were going out.

    I wanted to get a lot of things done today, but I'm feeling lousy and haven't been able to do much of anything. :(

  2. Karma seems to be saying, "You dare disturb me ... and without bring me food?!? You task me human, you really task me..."

    You've done a whole bunch of Christmas cards!! Something tells me you will have some buyers come Tuesday!

    Hmm.. which pen to use? I bet you will need to draw lines on similar paper to decide - and that it will look super when you do.

    New litter box? Oh my... Karma is going to be in for a life altering change...

  3. AliceKay--Yup! If they cry to go out--they ARE going out--ROFL! I sure hope you get to feeling yourself again soon. :(

    Iggy--Ha! "task me"--haven't heard that for a long time. :)
    Yes--that is what I am going to do--write things on similar paper with different pens! And you know how many pens I have--ROFL! Yup! ;)
    Oh my yes--this will be life-altering for Karma--hehe! Or...maybe she'll surprise us and take it with a grain of salt? You never know with her. ;)

  4. Yes, a cat can look disgusted. I've had some looks like that from cats in the past... Like the look I got from Sakura when I put a Christmas bow on her head. I'll never forget that look... If looks could kill, I'd have dropped dead on the spot... Seriously!

    Karma's a really smart cat!

    If those cards are even half as good as the ones I had for my birthday that were made by you, then anyone who gets one will be extremely lucky! :

  5. Anonymous6:04 PM

    LOL Karma is so cute in her pictures and she does have quite a look for you while she is looking into your camera, hehehe. Most times my cat will just sit quietly at the door but if we forget her and walk by her then she has somethiing to say about it LOL

  6. Tori--I think a bow on Karma's head would get me a really interesting Karma shot--ROFL! Thanks so much about the cards, Lady!! :)

    Lynn--Karma sometimes falls asleep waiting by the door when she's not sure if she really wants to go out and has been doing her "silent waiting" thing and I missed it--hehe! :)

  7. You should do the bow thing. Just don't tell her it was my idea! ;)

    You're welcome (about the cards) :)


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