Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday-2:30am--Dad and the cottonwood tree

Karma reluctantly keeps me company during my kind of "split shift" sleeping lately--I'm down for a few hours, awake for a few, down for a few.
But when Karma gets too exhausted she disappears under the bed or into the dark hallway at night to catch some uninterrupted sleep--hehe! Can't blame her. Sometimes I wish there was room for me under the bed--ROFL!
I have been puttering away on the Christmas cards. Shorter sessions--20 minutes instead of an hour and less sessions in a day--but you can still get a lot done that way. :) I taped all the green front pieces to the black ones...
...and the both of them to the front of the white card.
The roofers have been right outside my window for a couple of days.
I opened the blinds to take the pictures, but you can see why I keep them down and closed. It's kind of unsettling to see people looking in at you on third floor--hehe!
Since repetitious movements are what set my bum arm off...I also took a break to do something different and made this card.
I had never gotten around to using the FlowerSofts that I purchased. I LOVE IT! This was so much fun!
I used the new Martha Stewart scoring board to make the border ridges around the front sides of the card. Then I used this tree stamp and the new brown StazOn ink pad.
Dabbed the glue around on the naked stamped tree, sprinkled the autumn colored FlowerSoft all over it, pressed down a bit with my fingers, and then tapped off all the excess FlowerSoft like you would for embossing powder. Soooo cool!! It turned out even better than I imagined. :)
This is not the direct eye view you want to see from your chair in your nightgown at 7:30am.
Yup! Yesterday they were climbing up and down right there in front of my porch--(25 degrees that morning)--made me wish I had blinds on my inside porch door--hehe!
Anyways, I managed to nap a little during the day on Thursday and Friday even with the workmen over our heads pounding nails. Just shows you how tired a person can get without decent sleep--ROFL!
I kept doing my short sessions--worked up to 30 minute sessions on Friday--and finished taping the front pieces onto the white cards--tada!
What's left? Distressing all the circles and ovals...and then attaching them. Don't worry. Unless I could figure out a way to do it one-handed, I am going to leave the distressing for Leah.
Getting close, though, eh? Gets exciting when you get to the end of a big assembly project. :)
My friends and family know I don't have money for gifts--haven't had for years--and they understand. But this is the one thing I can do. Handmade Christmas cards. Made with love and joy. Just makes me smile to look at them. :):)
I was working at the table so much...
...and Karma likes to be close-by.
She actually got brave enough (well I actually hoisted her up there and she didn't flee for her life) to spy on the roofers as they were leaving my end of the building yesterday afternoon.
They left the ladder on the ground, tho...
...and it looked like maybe they were moving around to the front of the building by the main road.
Karma seemed more relaxed after she saw them drive "bye-bye" around the corner--hehe!
My new debit card arrived in the mail Friday, but I haven't received the new pin number--and wasn't even sure they were going to give me a new one like I asked. So I spent an inordinate amount of time listening to cheerful recorded voices, pushing buttons, and speaking slowly to a machine just to get to a couple of different folks at Wells Fargo Bank (the first one transferred me to the second one--you know the drill) who couldn't tell me if I was being sent a new pin number because the computers were acting up. They both did tell me that I could go to one of their banks right then and pick my own new pin number.
So--I made a quick trip to the closest Wells Fargo in the late afternoon. Waited in a long line, picked out a new pin number, and drove home.
I should have had my camera. Above me there still is all the green plastic covered areas where the roofers have not re-sided yet? Wonder what they are doing up there? Maybe they are putting the peak covering strip thingie on? I can't see up there that well to know if that part is on or not--but I am amazed that they can spend days up there and it looks exactly the same to me? They are pounding and doing something, tho. I guess I'd rather they take their time and do it right--right? And they were actually working on the front side of the building late on a Friday afternoon. :)
Anyways, I came home and went to order stamps by mail with my new debit card. I hope it was just too new (just activated it that very afternoon), because it wasn't recognized as a valid account. I'll try again today.
Have you ever woken up with a song playing in your head? It happens to me fairly often, actually. I just slept from 7pm-12am and woke up to "You Light Up My Life." Nice way to wake up. ;)
And I have been waking up this past week thinking about the cottonwood tree that was in our front yard where we grew up in Fridley. Probably because of my dad's birthday. I am going to email my sister and see if she can go and take a picture of it, if it is okay and still standing. I would love to see it one more time.
We moved to Fridley from South Minneapolis when I was five years old. My dad was pulling weeds around the cement basement and window-wells of our new house and I came to watch him...and ask questions, as was my job. I know I asked enough questions about weeds to find out that this one larger one was a baby tree! I begged him to leave it grow. Too close to the house. Please plant it somewhere, Daddy! Please! Save it! Save it!
I missed trees soooo much! Fridley was a stark naked suburb--barren--blank. I missed the "old" feeling of South Minneapolis. I missed trees.
I begged and pleaded and promised to water it--until my daddy finally agreed to move the sapling. We planted it in the corner of the yard down by the street near the driveway. He said he'd just forget and run over it with the mower. No--you won't. I could tell he thought it was a silly thing to do to his brand new lawn and thought it would just die anyways.
I remember standing guard when he mowed--carrying glasses of water out to my tree. I remember daddy being surprised that it was getting bigger. I spied and saw him watering it with the big green hose one day and I knew he cared for it, too. Dad grew careful about mowing around it. I remember how excited I felt when it outgrew me. How annoyed Dad was with the sticky pods (we got a boy cottonwood) all over the lawn.
That tree towered over the neighborhood. Was a landmark for directions. Grew with two trunks. I loved listening to the leaves tremble in the wind and watch them silver-shimmering in the sunlight. It is almost 55 years old--if it is still standing tall--towering--and tearing up the asphalt road a bit along the edge of the yard. I have always loved that tree--and always thought of my dad when I noticed it and when I think of it now. :):)
I hope it is okay? I am going to email my sister...
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt
Note: My aunt corrected me. It was South Minneapolis and not North Minneapolis. Sorry. I fixed it. :)


  1. I bet Karma would have been away like a shot had the roofers made any sudden movements. ;)

    Poor Karma, not getting all her beauty sleep!

    Glad your cards are coming together nicely. :)

    That's a really sweet story about the tree... I hope it is OK, and that your sister can sort out a photo for you to be able to see it again!

  2. I hope the tree is okay, too. Would be nice to know it's still there, wouldn't it? Nice story. :)

    Your Christmas cards are really coming along nicely. You'll have them finished in no time at all. The card you made of the tree full of autumn color is so cool. Very life-like, too. Like I could reach out and touch it. :)

    I hope those roofers finish soon. I don't think I'd want to see a ladder perched outside my porch door when I had my nightgown on. (i don't wear a nightgown but that's beside the point) LOL

    Loved the pics of Karma. I bet she was counting ever step those roofers made until they were out of her sight.

    I hope your new debit card works for you. Those things can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

    "You Light Up My Life" is one of my favorite songs. :) Debbie Boone was on the Oprah show a week or so ago and sang it for the audience. She has a beautiful voice.

    And speaking of beautiful voices, did you happen to see Marie Osmond on the Oprah show the other day singing an opera number for her son who committed suicide? What an awesome and emotional performance. I love that particular song, but I have no idea what it's called. Will have to go check that out. I'd like to post the video of that performance to my blog sometime.

    I hope the rest of your weekend is a good one. I gotta get back to cleaning now. I have a special someone coming here to visit me tomorrow morning. :)

  3. I just googled and found what Marie Osmond sang on the Oprah was "Pie Jesu". I have the video link now, too. Just beautiful.

  4. The Cards are Beautiful!!

  5. Anonymous9:23 PM

    What a wonderful post, I loved so much reading about the tree and I sure hope we get to see a picture of it, how wonderful to grow something like that and it started out so small. I loved the cards and the one card you made with the tree is just wonderful and so festive looking. Karma looks so goofy looking out the window LOL She is just so precious, give her a big ole hug and kiss from me hehehe. With those workers there I would be keeping my blinds drawn also until they were gone for good. I hope you are having a nice weekend.

  6. WOW...the FlowerSofts tree looks GREAT! You're doing very well on the cards, Rita...quite the busy lady.

    Usually, a card should work right away after receiving it...that's how it goes here anyways.

    You Light Up My Life is definitely a nice song to wake up to.

    What a lovely story about you and Dad with the tree....I hope you get a pic so you can maybe post it here too. I'd love to see it.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Love, light and peace,
    Serena xo

  7. Tori--You betcha! Karma would have been off like a shot! ROFL! My sister sent an old photo I just posted on Sunday. :)

    AliceKay--I just love that FlowerSoft stuff! It is soft and chushiony. <- not a real word--hehe! I happened to see Marie Osmond on Oprah. Who knew she could sing opera!!

    Missy--Thanks! The Christmas cards are getting closer to being done and I love the fall tree. Have to make some more of those. ;)

    Lynn--Hard to believe it started out as a skinny little sapling weed with a 5-yr old carrying glasses of water to it. :) Yup--I'm keeping the blinds drawn while they are here--hehe! ;)

    Serena--Yes--love the FlowerSoft!!!
    The card worked by the time I tried early Sunday morning. Maybe it was because of all their computer problems?
    My sister is going to go and see about the tree and take pictures--and sent on old one I just posted. :):)

  8. You got to trade in that You Light Up My Life with some Karma Chameleon...

    K. C. looks a little tuckered out in that picture. So sleeeeeeeepy...

    That saga of the Buttonwood is really something. Its cool seeing the old picture of it.

    As you know- I love buttonwoods - especially in the winter.

  9. Iggy--I remember that song! Now you have that one going in my head--hehe!

    No, I didn't know you loved "buttonwoods". Cool! :) I hope my sister remembers to get pictures of the tree.


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