Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It had gotten up to 40 degrees and the porch had no snow whatsoever yesterday.

The above videos from this morning show you why Dagan and Leah won't be here tonight. Leah might stop by with milk sometime soon--not sure which night--but we won't be getting together till next week.
Yesterday I decided I had been out of my bookcards for just way too long. So I picked out covers and the inside pages (all pre-cut)--and started punching holes using the cradle.
Picked out colors of embroidery thread...
...and sewed them together while I watched TV.
Made seven and six of them are already earmarked to be used right away. :)
I also decided upon the pen and ink I want to use for the personalized cards--Noodler's Ink and my Lamy calligraphy pen.
I made up some samples of my half-printed style of handwriting (bottom) and numbered the rubber stamp sentiments. All ready to go with Leah whenever she comes by with milk--tada!
I'm using the Noodler's Polar Black. Don't they have the coolest bottle labels? Love the polar bear!
So once this is dry it isn't supposed to bleed if it gets wet. And I bet I could write outside when it was twenty below zero--or colder--if I ever really needed to. ;)
The Christmas programs have arrived! CMA's Country Christmas was on with all the classic carols. Christmas in Rockefeller Center (tree lighting and singing) is on tonight...and Rudolph...and the Grinch...along with the new Shrek The Halls. I only watch a few of those--but I wait for It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story every year. Wouldn't seem like Christmas without watching (or at least half-watching) them. :)
I still remember watching the Andy Williams Christmas show every year when I was young...and the Bing Crosby Christmas specials. Getting old! Do you have any favorite movies or programs you watch every year? Does anybody read The Night Before Christmas to little ones anymore? Just curious.
I guess I've been chatty lately and blogging every day again. I guess it all depends if I have something to share. :):)
Bye from blizzard city in the north.
"We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep."
William James


  1. Those cards are beautiful, as is Karma!

  2. Your cards are gorgeous!

    I tried calligraphy once upon a time but never was really good at it. You do a great job with it.

    I remember the Andy Williams shows too. My mom used to love him. I think my favorite is still "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart. Can't wait to see it this year!

  3. I see your choice of pen and ink are spot-on excellent!! I think you had a great idea with this -

    I remember seeing the Bing Crosby Christmas specials too at grandma's house. Some Lawrence Welk shows...

    Favorite Christmas show? Hmmm.. does the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade count? Ohh.. and the Charlie Brown one... I alway enjoy the part with Linus reciting the (real) Christmas story.

  4. Thanks for posting the videos of the snow and of Karma eating the foot prints. She sure goes right to them, doesn't she?

    The cards are nice. Neat idea with the embroidery thread.

    You have beautiful handwriting, and I think the ink and pen you chose are perfect. Cool label on that bottle, too.

    I remember watching the Bing Crosby and Perry Como Christmas specials on TV. I've always loved watching The Grinch and Peanuts, and still watch them when they are on. I'm with Iggy on the part of where Linus recites the real meaning of Christmas. It gets me every time.

    It's been raining here since yesterday afternoon and some areas are getting hammered. We're under a flood warning, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed the creeks will stay within their banks.

    Time for me to get to work. Have yourself a good day. :)

  5. Someone's been busy! :)

    I agree, it wouldn't be the holidays without some of those moviess. A channel we have here called "movies 24" has changed its name to "Christmas 24" for December and is showing nothing but Christmas movies. I love watching Christmas movies! My favourites are "One Magic Christmas" and "Santa Claus - The Movie" which I have on DVD. I've watched them every year since I was really young, but when they stopped showing them on TV so much - because of how old they are, I suppose - I went and got the DVDs, now I watch both right before Christmas.

    I read The Night Before Christmas to myself every year... Does that count? I plan on reading it to my children when I have some. I have a book of Christmas stories, and a couple of other short Christmas stories and I read them every year. Among them are:

    A Christmas Carol
    The Little Match Girl
    The Nutcracker
    The Night Before Christmas

  6. Thanks so much, Nikki! :)

    Donna--Thanks. I took calligraphy classes years ago and this would have never qualified as proper calligraphy with my teacher. I haven't done it for so many years that it might take a lot of work to get in practice again--but I have thought about it. Might look more professional than my own way.
    I agree--Jimmy Stewart--I tear up every year when he is crying on the bridge and the people all come to save his business! :):)

    Iggy--Glad you like the idea. I was hoping people might find it useful.
    My folks watched Lawrence Welk, too! Oh--and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special!! I love the tiny, bare tree and Linus' reading! I think the parade can count as a holiday favorite. ;)

    AliceKay--I'm so glad you like the silly videos. Now you can see what I meant by Karma eating her own footprints--hehe!
    Perry Como! I forgot about Perry Como's show! Used to watch him, too.
    We have had near flood issues but it is because of ice blocking up the rivers that normally don't have ice jams this early in the year.
    Hope you had a good day at work and are feeling better. :)

    Tori--Putter. Putter.
    I would LOVE a 24 hour Christmas movie channel!!! Awesome!
    You read some great Christmas books every year, too! :):)

  7. Andy Williams and Bing Crosby defined Christmas for me. Loved their Christmas specials! I saw Andy Williams' Christmas show in Branson a few years ago. He seemed so frail.

    I always loved the part of Charlie Brown's Christmas where Linus recited the real meaning of Christmas. What a classic! Maybe I need to have the grandkids read it before we open presents this year!

    Great job on those cards and the handwriting is so professional looking! Wow.
    Hopefully the Blizard doesn't keep you housebound too long.

  8. My computer has been down for a few days - I thought I had a virus, but it was a corrupt file which a friend fixed for me, thank goodness.

    Were you going to charge a little extra for the sentiment inside? You should. they look nice.

    We had freezing rain for 4 days, now it's -35 to -25 again.

  9. These cards are beautiful and personalizing them is going to be perfect.

  10. Beautiful book cards, Rita. I like your cradle idea.

    LOVE the calligraphy samples! I like to play with calligraphy from 'teach yourself' books and I'm still trying to master it. I just don't practise enough. I don't think we get Noodler's ink here...even fountain pens are hard to find in stores nowadays. I did buy a dip pen with various nibs a couple of months back and bought some Speedball Black India Ink while I was at it. I haven't tried them yet though.

    I LOVE Christmas movies but they don't play them as much as they used too. :( It seems like so many Christmas/Easter activities have been put to the wayside for fear of offending other cultures. I think it's kinda sad because I feel like we are losing our own identity as Australians.

  11. Deanna--OMGosh! Andy Williams is doing his Christmas show in Branson! I had no idea! Good for him!! :)
    Blizzard or no, I don't get out of the apartment more than 2-4 times a month, so I'm kind of housebound anyways--hehe! ;)

    Sue--Glad you got your computer fixed. I guess we hadn't thought about charging more for the custom cards. I doubt we will. Because of the way etsy is set up, I think they'd have to be the same whether they want the card blank or with a sentiment they have chosen.
    Wow! 35-25 below! Single digits sounds warm. ;)

    Barb--Thanks so much! :):)

    Serena--I bought the cardboard cradle from VolcanoArts online. It really made it easier to make the bookcards.
    I had real calligraphy classes years ago. This is just my own printing style, but it makes me want to get out the ink bottles and dip pens and my calligraphy class folder--hehe!
    I agree. The political correctness can get to be kind of over the top sometimes. Give me all the good old-fashioned Christmas movies and carols. :):)

  12. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I love the Christmas shows and I also recommend you go to Youtube and look up Christmas In Dreamland, that christmas cartoon is just so cute to me and it always breaks my heart but it has a good ending as always :o) Those cards look very pretty I love the designs on them. Hugs!

  13. Only problem with a 24 hour christmas channel is that I'm doing a lot more movie watching than anything else. LOL!

  14. Lynn--OMGoodness! That is an old cartoon! And then I clicked on some other old ones... Isn't it funny how kids back then wanted sweets and toys, too. The toys were simpler. I remember seeing that style of cartoon when I was very little in the early 50s--Betty Boop and such--which were already old cartoons by then, I suppose. Just goes to show you that you can find almost anything online! Thanks, Lynn!

    Tori--*giggles and winks*


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