Monday, November 08, 2010


I was without my McLap this weekend and then the keyboard and mouse quit on my desk computer yesterday, too. Murphy's Law, eh? Dagan brought back the McLap last night and now it has both Windows7 and Safari on it. So--I go to upload some pictures (using Windows7) and everything looks completely different now on Windows, too. To me, looks awfully similar in ways to Safari iPhoto? Not sure how I will be able to store my pictures on Windows7, either. *sigh* I may have totally lost the ability to sort out my pictures with folders inside of folders like I used to--not sure yet. This will take some trial and error investigating, I imagine. This old dog wishes some things didn't have to change! ;)
Well, Dagan and Leah are planning on stopping by tomorrow night...maybe I can have one of them look? Leah plans on working on the Christmas cards tomorrow night and Wednesday night we plan on moving the bedroom dresser, etc. We'll see.
Meanwhile...our exciting (probably only to us) order arrived last Friday. I've never seen a double decker delivery like this before. The two heavy-duty boxes were taped together. Talk about careful packaging!
We got several samplers of colored/textured envelopes.
Some with paper/cardstock to match.
And a whole bunch of envelopes of different kinds...
...and sizes.
And some matboard or backing board...
...regular and double thick--5 X 7--that we can use for making copic journals.
I know--probably doesn't look too interesting to most folks, but it sure got Leah and I excited--hehe! ;)
It's a blistering 60 degrees out there this afternoon--ROFL! Sunny. Gorgeous fall day. :)
I think the arm is better. I'll find out for sure tomorrow night because I plan to tape pieces of Christmas cards together while Leah distresses. I promise I will remember my timer--probably start out with 30 minutes instead of an hour, too. That will be the test.
I never thought much about mentioning birthdays on my blog, but I see so many other people doing it. Maybe just occasionally...this one is a milestone, after all!
Happy 90th birthday to my dad tomorrow! :):)
"The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched."
Henry David Thoreau


  1. Happy Birthday Rita's Dad!! Thank you for giving us Rita.

  2. Happy Birthday Rita's dad! Life would be boring if nothing changed, but I'm with you Rita - I'd like for things to not change so often. Good luck with all that you got. It looks like a lot of work!

  3. Wow!! That's one huge paper haul!!! Can't wait to see the final results with all that!

    Happy birthday to your Dad!

  4. Happy birthday Rita's Dad! :)

    You can still have photos in folders in folderrs... My Dad has Windows 7, and he does it. No idea how (I'm clinging to XP, and in no hurry to try something new... Especially after how Jaws rebelled against Vista). I do know he does it though. Dad "has to" be organized with stuff... So folders in folders is essential for him. Maybe Dagan can help you figure it out?

    Good luck with the cards... 30 minute stints with the timer is probably the best plan. :)

  5. Happy 90th Birthday to your dad. That's a major milestone and one not too many people are fortunate to reach. I hope he's having a good day today.

    Good luck with the Windows 7 and your photos. I wish some things didn't have to change either. I don't like it when software changes (just as you get it figured out) and I don't like it when computers die and you're forced to go to some other operating system. I don't cope well with change. Especially with computers.

    That's quite a haul from You have lots of papers and envelopes to keep you in business for a little while. :)

    I hope your arm will be okay after working on the Christmas cards tonight. Have a great time with Leah and Dagan...and best wishes to your dad!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Please come again!

  7. Happy 90th Birthday to your Dad!! That certainly is quite a milestone...I hope he enjoys a beautiful day.

    Re. Windows 7 - I'm pretty sure you can do the 'folders and sub-folders' also as I'm pretty sure Michelle does it on their Windows 7 computer.

    This link may be helpful -
    There are is also a How To videos link on the page which might be better for you to get a visual.

    What a neat package from ClearBags!!

    Glad to hear you arm is doing much better now...just be careful not to overdo things.

    Love, light and peace,
    Serena :)

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by The House on the Corner ~ I'm following back!!

    My husband's family lives in North Dakota - outside of Grand Forks. I love the area - such a lovely group of people.

  9. 90! That's awesome!

  10. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Awww happy birthday to your dad Rita, that is so great! I love what you got in your package girl. I don't plan to seriously get into card making but when the Army takes my daughter and her hubby away I want to make her cards often to send her, I think she will like that. I would like to start stocking up on those cardstock items, can you get those at any craft store? I have never looked. Im glad your arm is feeling better and sorry you were without internet the weekend I know how that is. Take care :o)

  11. Thanks everyone! My dad is getting all kinds of testing done to see if he can have a hip replacement done. I hope so. My folks enjoy traveling and keeping busy--his hip has slowed him down a lot the last coule years.

    Again--sorry about not answering everyone individually right now because of my arm, but I have been trying to be faithfully visiting all your blogs. :)

    Well--I guess I do have a few things to say after all--hehe!

    Jeanne, Missy, and Donna--welcome! So glad to see you stopped by!! Please, come back any time. :)


    Tori & Serena--I hope you're right on the folder inside of folders and thanks for the link, Serena. I am going to try it on my own first before I ask Dagan or Leah for hep. I am finishing up using Karma photos I have on Safari first, too. Then I am going to tackle Windows7. ;)

    AliceKay--Yes--3/4 of those envelopes were for the etsy shop! :)

    Lynn--Yes--craft stores carry cardstock and envelopes. If you ever want to know some online sites to shop email me at soulcomfort (at) gmail (dot) com. :)


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