Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday-12:30pm--second attempt

Maybe when I tried to center the videos it did something to them in HTML?
I'll try them as is right now and see if they work.
I've got my fingers crossed! :)


  1. Looks like they worked this time. :)

  2. I'll bet Karma didn't tary outside very long. It is hard to believe you already are dealing with that four letter word!

  3. We're having freezing rain here today and tomorrow - not fun! They have closed all the schools and most businesses.

  4. Looks like winter has arrived in Fargo...

    I love how Karma eats the treats she has to dig out of the can first... :)

  5. I was wondering about the roof project when I saw all that snow...wondered if they ever finished it. Guess they didn't.

    It's great being able to hear you and Karma talking. She's a character. You're doing great with the videos, too. :)

    The weatherman tonight said we might get some sleet Thanksgiving Day. I sure hope not. :\

    (i was here this afternoon but my internet crapped email still doesn't work)

  6. It worked!!! I so enjoyed the videos, Rita....just look at that snow!

  7. Tori--Yup! They worked the second time!!

    Deanna--even colder Tuesday! If it wasn't for the "new" fascinating snow she wouldn't go out--hehe!

    Sue--the ice is worse to deal with than snow. Really hurts the businesses when they have to close--and people missing work. I hope they got all the roadways open again.

    Iggy--It's some of the little exercise she gets--ROFL!

    AliceKay--I am really wondering if they finished on the roof or not? I'm not sure. Haven't been outside yet to see if they finished the siding above me. I didn't think they did because I didn't hear them clomping overhead? We've got more snow supposed to come the next couple days, too. I'd rather have snow than the sleet your way. Drive safely!
    Karma and I "talk" all the time--LOL!

    Serena--Ha! Does it make you miss the snow now that you live in Australia? LOL!! Glad you liked the videos.

  8. Oh my goodness she is so funny laying down and eating LOL I love when cats are vocal, my cat can be very vocal especially when she wants food in her bowl LOL

  9. Lynn--Karma is both lazy and vocal--you'd love her--ROFL!!


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