Monday, November 29, 2010


They're baaack! ;)
The roofers returned this light snowy morning. Apparently they figure with the snow on the ground that they can't tear up the lawn and they didn't put down a plywood path to the building.
BTW--they are right over the sidewalk that comes from the emergency exit door and, as you can see, the battle has begun. They didn't ever shovel that sidewalk. *sigh* I may have to call the fire marshall and see what the law really says.
The office said...that the owners said...that the fire marshall said...that they only have to clear enough so that the door can swing open. Everybody uses the exit doors as they are right at the bottom of the stairs--and the owners don't want us using them. They stop shoveling, the doors get stuck open--(I would swear on a bible that originally the doors got stuck open due to half-a**ed shoveling in the first place)--it's a vicious circle. As I said--looks like the winter battle has begun.
My complaint is that, when our fire alarm goes off, I have to get out of that very door down there with Karma in her cat stroller. *sigh*
Let's talk about something else.
Yesterday I decided that it was time to change the wall over my art table. I had all those various paintings pinned to the wall the last couple years from my friends in the Yahoo Chinese Brush Painting Group. I put them all carefully away (they'll probably go back up again in the future some time) and now have a blank wall. I am thinking that when my daisy painting comes from Serena that I will hang that up right there for a while.
Seemed like that area needed an energy shift. Been way too stagnant this past year. Only bookmarks have been painted there.
Miss Karma kept me company last night.
Funny how much cuddlier she gets when the temperature drops--ROFL!
Today--I'm listening to hammers and clompy boots. I wonder if they will be done before Christmas? hehe! Have a great week!!
"The heart is the chief feature of a functioning mind."
Frank Lloyd Wright


  1. I was just noticing how much more cuddly Freddy has become with me... I didn't factor in the weather, LOL

  2. *Shaking head* No way. The fire department would have insisted that all exits were cleared. And, quite frankly, if that wasn't the case, then whoever said it didn't have to be cleared properly should be fired. I mean, if it's not cleared properly, and there's a fire, then people attempting to get out of the building could end up at more risk than they previously would have been. If you know what I mean.

  3. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Thats a shame about the emergency door and no one really seeming to care, its hard to find good help these days and folks that actually care about anything. I can't wait to see the painting your gonna get to hang on the wall I bet it is gonna be so pretty :o)

  4. Shocking to see those lifts and men working in the snow. I guess they better get their rears in gear if they are to finish. Just seems so strange to me that it wasn't pushed into completion before the cold set in.

    The daisy painting will look nice on that wall. :)

    Yep, it's amazing how cats want to cuddle more when it gets colder. LOL

  5. Nikki--LOL! Yup! Don't let them fool ya! It's not a sudden overwhelming love of us, it's body warmth!! ROFL! ;)

    Tori--I know! They claim that all they have to clear is enough for people to get the door open? But then what if everybody is facing five foot snowbanks and a lumpy, slippery path somebody made to come over and shovel around the door? Can't you see me trying to pull Karma's stroller over snowbanks! Ridiculous!

    Lynn--Trying to close an exit door when there was ice and snow built up--somebody bent the door a couple winters ago. Their solution--don't shovel the walks by the exit doors. Duh! This is the stupidest us vs. them battle I've seen in a long while--but it rages on--year after year.

    AliceKay--The roofers were all over both buildings yesterday. ?? Now we have more snow. I can't believe they could have finished everything in one day. I bet they will be back after this current snowstorm.
    I know the daisy painting isn't huge or anything, but I thought it needed a special display spot. It is just such a happy painting. Can hardly wait to see it. :):)

  6. Hmmm.... lets talk about something else... like Plan "B"... want a crate of hand gernades?

    Umm.. just to clear the way.. maybe melt some snow... I mean.


  7. Yes, very ridiculous!

  8. Iggy--hand gernades, eh? LOL! ;)



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