Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well, here's the old dinosaur printer/copier/scanner-that-never-worked himself. Have grown very fond of him, but his inks are getting more and more expensive--whew! They probably are for all printers, but I almost fell over last time I bought refills.
I showed Dagan the link you sent, Iggy--but I forgot to ask him if he used that to get the printer and laptop connected, but I think he did? Leah and I were emptying some water out of the little fish tank at the time he was doing that, but he came in and showed me that he got it to print--tada! I haven't tried it yet. Where there's a will, right? ;)
I forgot to get out the camera until after the excitement was over and done with. They slid and tipped and slid the dresser with the aquarium 3/4 full! Had borrowed these amazing padded circles for each corner of the dresser literally just slid it across the carpet. (Said they have to buy some for themselves.) The drawers were all removed first. By the time I thought of the camera they were moving all the craft & art books into the bedroom from the livingroom.
I took a few candid shots.
The only thing we are absolutely sure of is that the three shelves of books will stay right where they are now on the bottom of the bookcase in the bedroom.
They did move a few odds and ends into the bedroom that we don't use so much right now, but not sure where their final spots will be.
Leah helped me fill the 10 gallon back up before she left and we discussed some tall skinny shelving unit for that inside corner, too. Heaven forbid we have any wasted space--ROFL!
We plan to make eight additional shelves for the top half of the bookcase in the livingroom--one for every set of notches--to use for cardstock and paper storage!! Awesome!!!! We have wanted a better way to store paper for years! :)
Leah previously made some extra shelves for these other two craft bookcases in the livingroom. They're the unstained ones--light wood.
As you can see--we have a lot of sorting and organizing to do now--which Leah and I LOVE to do! ;) It will take us a while, but we'll get things all sorted out eventually here.
As soon as Leah left, too--you know who was checking out every inch of the place. I noticed later that she was parked silently on the empty shelf of the bookcase in the livingroom, but as soon as Karma heard the camera she knew she had been discovered where she shouldn't be. Here's her "who me?" leap of escape.
This afternoon I have the building inspection by the owners. Thursday I have Caroline in the afternoon and Leah is planning on coming over and working on Christmas cards.
Caroline got the weeks mixed up and called me from a meeting yesterday apologizing and asking if we could switch days. Sure. No problem. I think she's only forgotten me like once or twice in the years she's been coming to clean. She's a dependable girl and I am adaptable. Heck! I'm not going anyplace, right? ROFL!
Leah loved the FlowerSoft, too. But--we can't play with other techniques or work on organizing until we have the Christmas cards finished. We have to be good--hehe! ;)
Speaking of being good--I have some descriptions of cards to write up for the etsy shop so we can get them posted. So that is my goal for today. :):)
It's 29 degrees and windy up here. The kind of gusts that will rattle the doors a little--which always freaks out Karma--who doesn't appreciate company, as you know. Funny--she had gone and hidden under the end of my bed last night while we were eating dinner, but then Dagan and Leah had the audacity to be in the bedroom doing things and walking near the bed later. I had to remove Miss Hissyfit into the livingroom where she parked herself under the art table where she felt safer the rest of the night.
We all laughed at her growling, hissing, and spitting under the bed. Cats do hate to be laughed at. There are boxes of large papers and such under my bed so that Karma can only fit under the very foot of the bed and nowhere else. No where to run to no where to hide, eh? She felt trapped and vulnerable. (Such a scaredy-cat!) The first time I managed to pull her out--she ran right back under the bed--cracked us all up--ROFL!
Leah said I should take a video of her so people could hear her growling and hissing under there--hehe! Proof Karma really is the angel/devil cat--ROFL!! But we were too busy to mess with a video. Sorry. But she is a cat with attitude--even with me, on occasion. ;)
Right now--Karma is curled between my legs on my lounger--out like a light. And if I reach down and lay my hand on her neck she will purr and purr. You'd never think she was the crazed wildcat under the bed last night--chuckle!
Well, good morning and happy middle of the week! :):)
Here's a jolting quote to ponder on. Love it!
"Treat everyone you meet as if he or she were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness, and understanding you can muster, and do so with no thought of reward. Your life will never be the same."
Og Mandino


  1. Looks like a lot of work but I'm sure things will be great once you have it all organized. Moving things is hard work. My son has some of those round SuperSliders you use to move heavy things around. I've never had to use them, but they're in my back room if I need them. (i think he forgot they were here)

    A video of Karma would be a treat. Maybe sometime you could do that for us to see. :)

    Loved the quote today. If we all did what it says, the world would be a whole lot nicer.

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I love those things you put under heavy furniture to help it slide, they work great and so much easier on the back lol I love your shelf :o) I also know what you mean about expensive ink, we got a laser printer on sale and man the ink is sure not cheap, hubby has a fit when I go on a print out alot of crochet patterns moment LOL

  3. Thanks for the peek in! I love looking at other people's crafty areas!!! I think you might have more stuff than I do, lol!!! Everything looks wonderful!

  4. LOL! Karma's funny!

    Poor Karma probably hates all this reorganizing and sorting and such.

    If you like sorting stuff so much... Come and visit me, I need to do some sorting and clearing out of items, and could use an extra pair of hands! ;)

    When someone is reliable as a rule, it's easy to forgive the odd time of last minute rescheduling and such. :)

  5. That new book shelf is nearly full already! Time to get more books!! :)

    K.C. is a nut. I bet she'd like some fruitcake this holiday season... or maybe some eggnog.

  6. P.s., your printer is a color one right?

  7. AliceKay--From what I saw, don't ever get rid of those slider thingies--hehe! I'll have to try to remember to get a video of Miss Karma one day here--when she's doing something interesting and not just snoozing--ROFL!

    Lynn--Dagan taught me how to select black only for printing back when I had a Windows I recognized--ROFL! Couldn't figure out that option on Apple's Safari and haven't looked yet with the Windows7. Saves on the colored ink. But if you want to see the colored patterns...well, then you need the color. ;)

    Jeannie--I love seeing other people's art & craft areas, too! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    Tori--We were laughing at poor Karma. She is used to hiding under the bed to get AWAY from company and we blew her world apart--ROFL! When Leah came over Thursday night she hid right in the livingroom under the end table. We figured she was afraid of hiding in her usual spot under the bed--ROFL!
    If we lived close-by, both Leah and I could help you organize!! :):)

    Iggy--Yes, it is a color printer, so it takes two cartridges--a black one and a colored one. It's not so old they didn't have color--ROFL!!
    I don't think Leah and I will have any trouble filling everything up--LOLOL!! I am so short and there are things we've had to keep on the top of the bookcases I'd love to be able to actually reach without a stool, too--hehehe! But books--one can never have too many books, right? ;)

  8. I agree with your "can never have too many books" comment! :)

  9. Tori--Absolutely positively!! ;)


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