Sunday, November 14, 2010


My sister, Renee, sent me a picture of the tree back when it was five years old in 1961. The city had planted elms along the boulevard, but dutch elm disease took most of them away. Obviously that wasn't before 1961, as our elm tree was still doing just fine.
Renee said she would go and take pictures of the tree for me!! But not right away because they were having a winter storm yesterday with 3-6" of snow! I can hardly wait, NayNay!!
I looked up some information online about the prairie cottonwoods and they can live over 100 years! Awesome! But because they are so tall and can lose branches, people often cut them down. As I read some comments on websites, it was obvious that the female trees that spread the cotton are not well liked in towns--some states have even made it illegal to sell the female cottonwood trees at the plant nurseries. Good thing this one was a male with the sticky pollen thingies, I guess, eh?
Okay--the earrings I won thru this drawing on Heather's blog arrived!
These were artistically handmade by Maria at:
I was holding them over a pen and it was hard to get a still shot as they were quite swingy and dangly--as they should be. ;)
I am feeling so lucky lately!! :):)
When Dagan and Leah were here last week I told Dagan about one of the tuners not working. Luckily it was just a loose connection wire in the back of the tuner. Well, last night I am sitting here reading blogs at 4am and I suddenly hear this horrible scraping sound. At first I thought of the roofers--but it was 4am. Then I realize it is coming from the wall behind the TV...and I see the tip of a familiar tail twisting about under my art table!!
Miss Karma was slowly backing her way out from behind the dresser! Furry feet tangled in the wires, she nearly pulled two connecting wires completely out this time! Tuner mystery solved.
A couple weeks ago Dagan and Leah dismantled and took home the audio system that wouldn't work with my TV as they thought it might. A big old speaker had been sitting under the art table there and I had forgotten about Miss Snoopy Pants and having to block her from getting behind the dresser.
So, after I shooed her away--and reminded her how she could get her big self stuck back there and I can't move the dresser to get her out with my bad arm and how she could be stuck back there for a good long time till Dagan and Leah could come by and rescue her from her feline folly--I retrieved my folding writing desk and slid it back alongside the dresser to prevent any further trapped cat or tuner issues.
Karma was not exactly pleased. She had to content herself with smelling the entire length of the one big exposed electric cord--all that is left of her claustrophobic adventure.
Anyways, that's it from Fargo this early morning. 30 degrees (warmer than it has been lately during the night) and a chance of snow showers today up here. The snowstorm went south of us this time.
Stay safe and warm (or cool, as the case may be). ;)
"O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches. No run on my bank can drain it, for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment."
Henry David Thoreau


  1. We had to keep all spaces where cats could possibly fit, but shouldn't be going completely blocked off when we had Megan. The others weren't too bad, but Megan... Well, Miss Karma's adventures remind me of her. Maybe it's true about the "naughty tortie" thing? ("Tortoise Shell" is what we call "Calico" colouring over here, "tortie" for short). I've always been told that those cats were mischievious. I never used to think it could be the case... I mean, colouring shouldn't affect behaviour, right? But both Topsi and Megan were in to EVERYTHING, and my friend Louise's mother had one the same colour who was in to everything, and now Karma... Hmmm... Maybe there is something to it?

    Anyway, I'm glad you solved the tuner mystery. ;)

  2. I'm glad you solved the tuner mystery, too. My cat Abby used to go behind our entertainment center in the living room and would get stuck until she could back herself out. (cleaned out the dust bunnies tho so it worked out in the

    It's been in the 20s here in the mornings with heavy white frost all over everything, but the daytime highs the past couple of days has been in the 60s. I saw on the weather channel parts of Minnesota received a lot of snow. Was wondering about Fargo.

  3. Tori--I hadn't heard that about "torties" or calicos. Maybe it is true--hehe! Karma is so curious about everything and anything--hehe! But then, when I was a kid we had a Siamese and she was so smart and into everything, too. ;)

    AliceKay--I'm sure Karma would eventually find her way out of any tight spot she got into--hehe! She'd have to! I can't move anything heavy anymore--LOL! ;)
    We've had frost and 20s at night, too--but the ground is still bare. The storm went south of us. The Twin Cities got it, I know. (Have family and friends there.) Won't be long, tho. :)

  4. I love Siamese/Oriental cats! They're so cute, so smart, and always keep you guessing with what they're going to do next!

    I miss my Oriental cat (Chance)! He was the main topic of my blog at first, so I think about him every time I go to my blog to write a post or respond to comments. The first few posts are full of information about and photos of my Chance cat!

  5. Karma... you silly cat.

    Pssst... Rita, you could rub the exposed cord in some dry cat food just to tease that silly feline...

    :) Oops... did I let my doggy preferences show?

  6. Tori--I'll have to go back and peek at the beginning of your blog when I have some time. :)

    Iggy--No way! She loves chewing anything that even vaguely reminds her of a string and if this smelled like food...even if it was awfully big to chew... ;)

  7. I love the earrings Rita! I am so glad they arrived safely. It is nice to see Barkley isn't the only animal who thinks he can fit into much tighter spots than he can! LOL!

  8. Heather--LOL! Karma and I both think we are still smaller than we have become--ROFL!! :):)


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