Friday, April 10, 2009


As soon as I had emptied that wild bag of goodies...
I forgot to show you what Leah bought--one for her and one for me. Can you take a guess at what this is? Hehe!
It's a natural inhaler for any respiratory problems. Leah has asthma and I have chronic sinus problems. We're going to try them and see if we notice that they help.
But I think I will wait until my mouth has healed up. It is still so tender where the stitches are. If it is not better by Monday I am calling the oral surgeon back. :( *sigh* I would think it would be better by now and not so sore? I keep rinsing with warm salt water...well, we'll see how the weekend goes?
Yesterday was a wash day and Miss Karma wanted to be made into the bed and slept for many quiet hours in there--hehe! One of her favorite things.
I have been really lucky with the good movies lately! Yesterday I watched Doubt...
In a Catholic elementary school in the Bronx, Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) begins to have doubts about one of the priests, Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who seems to have become overly involved in the life of a young African American pupil. But Flynn isn't the only one she has doubts about. Is she overreacting to the situation or is there a truth that needs to be discovered? John Patrick Shanley's drama was nominated for five Oscars and co-stars Amy Adams and Viola Davis.
...and Seven Pounds.
Distraught over his wife's death -- and convinced that his own actions had something to do with it -- a depressed IRS (Will Smith) agent begins plotting his suicide, vowing to improve the lives of seven strangers in the process. But a chance meeting with a woman who has a life-threatening heart defect (Rosario Dawson) threatens to derail his plans when, suddenly, their budding relationship feels a lot like love.
Both of these movies were disturbing on different levels and didn't have neatly resolved, tie-in-a-bow endings (especially Doubt). Both would start conversation and linger in your thoughts. Seven Pounds was kind of confusing to me in the beginning--you had to figure out what was happening as the movie went along. Not typical Will Smith fare, by any means--but he was excellent in it, of course. And Doubt--left the final interpretation or verdict up to the viewer. (Some people really dislike that, but I liked it--left me pondering.)
Anyways, some really interesting movies lately! :):)
Leah got to running late yesterday and never popped on by for her timers. She'll pick them up later on. They're not going anywhere--hehe!
Supposed to get up into the mid-40s today!! Quiet day for me and my salt water. :)


  1. So it's an inhaler of sorts....glad you told us because I was thinking of something else at first glance. lol

    Awwwww, how cute Karma is. Cody likes to get under the covers too but I always worry he's not getting enough fresh air.

    Thanks for the heads up on the movies. I haven't seen either yet but the plots sound good.

  2. Hehehe! Yes--an all natural inhaler. :)

    I trust that if Karma needed more air she'd come out--and she doesn't. She sleeps in there for hours!

    Be curious to see if you like the movies. :)


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