Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well, I finally accomplished something extra yesterday--got a bucket of hot water & a rag, went out to the porch...
...and cleaned off the winter's residue of sand, rain, and snow off my metal chair and table. Tada!
Now I can sit outside on the porch again on a nice day. Murphy's Law, tho--hehe! I clean them off and there's a high of 44 degrees today--chilly! With the metal furniture you need it to be like in the 70's before you want to sit on it--ROFL!! That's why my other chair is padded--hehe!

Other than that I was a zombie all day. I think I got the antibiotics just in time--swelling again some yesterday and that makes the jaw hurt more. Today is much better. :):)

I have been having so much fun moving the chair around the room for Karma's entertainment. I do this every few months. She doesn't seem to get tired of it. This was Karma during the night (was up until almost 5am)--peeking at me from behind the chair.
She jumps off, races around, and leaps thru the armhole so she can make the chair spin.
The arm of the rocker stopped it so it could only spin from side to side--but that didn't seem to diminish the entertainment value--chuckle! She's my entertainment.

Since the desk computer has been working again it has been really, really, really slow. Feels like I am back to the days of dial up. I am not sure if it is the Internet service or my computer. I've gotten a lot of "can't connect to the Internet" pages? If it lasts more than a couple of days I'll check with CableOne. While I have been typing my blog right now I keep getting the red line at the bottom off and on--saying "could not connect with" and not to publish. It's been coming and going. When you live in an apartment complex, they come to hook somebody else up and they have screwed up my cable wiring three times in the four years I've lived here--by accident. The trouble was in the cable room. Duh! Could be that again, I suppose.

Computers! You really miss them when they aren't working right, don't you? I didn't think I'd ever even have one and now I am lost without it! Hasn't life changed so much over the last 50 years!!?? Mostly for the better, tho. :):)

Dagan and Leah are making a quick trip down to Minneapolis this weekend. Dagan has a check-up (heart & pacemaker) on Monday and he is having a stress test this time. Hope all is well, of course. :):) I had thought I might possibly be able to go with for a quick visit (we would have gone for the whole weekend then) but definitely wasn't feeling up to it with all this swelling mouth setback. Nope--just home taking my pills and being a good girl--hehe! :):)


  1. How sweet Karma is.

    Cleaning outdoor furniture is not one of my favourite chores but I guess somebody has to do it and it's usually me.

    I hope it is just a cable problem with your computer and not a virus.

  2. Tried to talk Karma into cleaning it, but it was a no go--claims she doesn't like water--ROFL!!

    Whatever it is--I will be glad when my computer is working properly again. So far I have been able to blog--but who knows how long it will let me get there? I'll have to put up with it for a while. Laptop not working either. Makes me think it is the cable. ??


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