Thursday, April 23, 2009


Finally I am back online--tada! Spring has arrived. We not only hit 70 degrees today--it is 78 right now!! We had almost like holes in the lawn from all the standing water and the workmen were here filling in the holes with dirt a couple days ago. The street repair is going to be something else this year from all the water damage--but life is moving on!!
Let's see--what has been happening? Oh--I guess Dagan went down just for the stress test and not his regular checkup. At the stress test they decided to send him over to his pacemaker people because they were concerned his battery is getting low on his pacemaker (he has several months left--don't worry). They already knew that and have been following Dagan closely with the monthly phone checks on his pacemaker. He has his regular checkup the end of May and then they'll decide on a time for him to get his pacemaker replaced this summer.
The desk computer and the laptop were both out of commission. I am sure glad I waited for Dagan and Leah to come over yesterday and check it out before I called CableOne--hehe! This desk computer was free from Dagan's last job and it had two brains (drives?). Well, the spare brain died. ??? Plus, my pages were all strange looking because I needed to upload the new Internet Explorer 8. They rebooted the modem and then the laptop worked again. That's all I really understand of what they did. Dagan started up a program to get me more space on the one brain the desk computer has left--and deleted all my temporary files? No clue what is gone now--hehe! All I know is that it is working again! TaDa!!! Funny how cut off from the world you feel without Internet!
Miss Karma--she's been in seventh heaven with the warm weather. Unlike myself, she loves the heat. We've been spending more time on the porch, of course. :)
I have been working on the Soul Coaching book, reading, writing letters, watching movies (Dagan and Leah told me to get Run, Lola, Run--interesting older foreign movie that has three versions of the same time period), working on the birthday cards a little, and all the usual day to day stuff. Leah came over first yesterday and then Dagan came over after work. Made some rice, chicken in a hoisin & tamari sauce, and broccoli for dinner. Always love having them over. :):)
Anyways, I am back! Happy to be blogging again--hehe!


  1. Morning from South Africa - your comment "They already knew that and have been following Dagan closely with the monthly phone checks on his pacemaker" prompt me to ask: "What pacemaker had Dagan received?" My 22 year old had a Medtronic dual-chamber pacemeaker implant April 2008 (Bradycardia - SSS)and has to travel to Durban for his regular check-ups here in SA(300km)

  2. Good afternoon from Fargo, Zelia!
    I think Dagan has a Medtronic pacemaker--two prongs/leads. This is his 3rd or 4th one, so I don't know exactly which one it is. He goes down to Minneapolis (about 250 miles) once a year for an "in person" checkup with his cardiologist and the pacemaker people. The rest of the year he has his pacemaker checked using this little machine which sends information over the phone to the pacemaker people. Normally they check it every three months, but they have had him on monthly phone checks since the battery has been slowly coming to the end of its life now. Normally the pacemaker batteries last 7-10 years. Oddly--none of us can remember how many years ago it was that he had this one put in--hehe! Just goes to show you that they become less stressful over the years, I guess. Compared to when he has had open-heart surgery--the pacemaker replacements are so easy--outpatient.

    Does your son have his pacemaker checked over the phone? How often does he have to make the trip to Durban? I know the little machines they use for the phone checks are very expensive. Dagan doesn't have to pay for his, but the clinic does. He got a new smaller unit. I'll take some pictures and post them on the blog tomorrow (Saturday). He keeps them at my apartment because I have a land line phone. Cell phones don't work and Dagan and Leah only have cell phones--hehe! Feel free to email me, Zelia. :):)

  3. YAY for being back online!!! I missed you!! Thank goodness, Dagan was able to find and fix the problem.

    I hope they replace his pacemaker sooner than later.

  4. Hey, Serena!
    I missed you, too. :):)
    I am so glad it was a simple process (for Dagan and Leah) to get me back online! Yay!!!

  5. Thanx Rita I'll email you with more questions?? LOL


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