Sunday, April 12, 2009


Most of the snow is gone this Easter morning.
That snow pile between the garages in the back of the photo is so black that it looks like a dirt pile! Spring snow is not pretty in town.
The second cresting of the Red River is supposed to be mid-week. They were telling people to shore up their dikes over their Easter vacation. We've been very lucky that we haven't had any rain to speak of and it stayed cold longer--gave the river time to go down. I'm sure everybody is praying that the crest is lower this time. :)
Miss Karma this morning. Maybe she thought it was too cold to sit outside? So windy and the air so cool that I already had to shut the door again. Only 42 right now, but supposed to get up to 54 today and maybe 60 tomorrow!!
The swelling is down again this morning. But the stitches are soooo sore in the back where they go up the inside of my cheek. Still can't chew on that side. I'm calling in the morning to ask some questions. Maybe they'll even tell me this is perfectly normal--who knows?

I talked to Leah and we are going to try and start PitaPaseo tomorrow and just bring it in ahead of time (appointment is for Tuesday afternoon). Rather than have the car stranded someplace in town and have to tow it farther if it won't start--Leah is going to give me a ride wherever I need to go on Monday. Plus Tuesday Caroline comes and she called and needs to come later in the day (3pm) because of school. I hope Pita has one more start left in her to get her in for repairs. :):)

Meanwhile--it is a beautiful, sunny morning.
Happy Easter everybody! :):)


  1. Happy Easter to you and Karma, Rita!

    I hope the pain eases for you soon....I feel for you.

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family, too! :):)

    I'll know more tomorrow, I hope. Thanks!

  3. Happy belated Easter to you and Karma. Glad to hear that the snow had subsided. Have a wonderful day everyday, please pay me visit at and trust that it has lots for you as well. Look forward to you and Serena there. Hope to hear from both of you. Thanks

  4. Thanks James! Looks like you do have a very uplifting site. :) You didn't have the link right, tho. I think it is

  5. Rita, this is James again. I have a link to my blog at and not the address given earlier. Have a fruitful day,


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