Sunday, April 19, 2009


Funny--I put the chair back to its spot at the table and that must have gotten Miss Karma thinking about different spots for repose. I found her in her stroller in the dark bedroom last night. She hasn't shown any interest in sleeping in there for months.
And I have never actually found her in the bathroom. Not sure why not? Just has always been a place for her to listen to her voice echo or drink out of the toilet and run. Found her in the dark last night--sitting like a little Buddha on the bathroom rug. That was a first.
You wouldn't think there would be any firsts left in an apartment this small after four years--ROFL! Karma has never been very interested in the bathroom or bathtub, tho. Has always preferred the hallway for her lounging for some reason--not the soft, fluffy bathroom rugs. The mysterious Karma mind...hehe!
Anyways, the antibiotics are doing their thing while I, basically, have not been doing much of anything besides the normal daily routine stuff. I finished the DVDs from Netflix and have been watching more of Caroline's Monk DVDs. I have great empathy for Mr. Monk--ROFL!!
Speaking of Monk-ish tendencies--everything Leah purchased for her new job is working great! Timers, cleaning brush, apron, plastic reusable marker tags to match up proud of her! Her boss wanted some help on getting organized--well, Leah will do an excellent job. I told her that pretty soon he will not remember how he ever used to get along without all these time savers! And I am sure she will come up with more as she is gradually trained in on each of the steps and processes used in making teeth. You just never know what skills you might pick up in your lifetime, do you?
Meanwhile--the computer is really being ornery. Screens won't open and won't open--but sometimes suddenly change their mind and cooperate the next second. Can't seem to get on to Facebook very often (can't get to my facebook farm at all) or my new Twitter spot? Maybe it was going on Twitter that messed up my computer? Not sure.
I decided that I will have Dagan look at it first this coming week before I call the cable company. He can often fix things--or at least he might know if I need to call CableOne or if it is my computer or my modem, you know? It mostly seems to be a problem of not being able to connect with the Internet to get to a new page, you know? But the desk computer itself has problems not wanting to boot up and connect with the Internet in the first place--that's why I can't shut it off. So--who knows? Not me, that's for sure. It all just gives me a headache, to be honest--hehe!
Another dark, cloudy, cool day. We're supposed to hit 50 again today. If it wasn't so windy it would feel warmer--but the hot weather will come plenty soon enough. I like it cooler, actually. I'd rather bundle up a bit and go sit out now and read on the porch when it's 50 degrees than be outside when it's hot, sticky, and humid! Any day! Any day! Definitely a Northern girl, eh? :):)
Have a good one! Where's my sweatshirt.....


  1. I have a large pet carry crate that we normally put Cody in until he stops barking if we have a stranger visit the household. Cody doesn't like his crate but, once in a blue moon, he can be found curled up in there sleeping. Then I start to worry that he's not well or something because it's out of character for him to want to be in the crate. lol

    I think Leah will do extremely well at her new job.

    I prefer the colder weather to our unbearably hot summer days too. I reckon that I can always rug up and get warm in winter but it's very hard to get cool in our dreadful summer heat.

  2. I'm with you on the heat! I'll pass! Or would if I could. :)

    Cody does unpredictable things, too, eh? Keeps us on our toes--hehe!

    Yes--I think Leah he will be so glad he hired her!! :)


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