Tuesday, April 07, 2009


My goodness! Leah is on her way over already--so this will be quick. Yesterday was like Christmas over here! I got a big envelope full of ribbons and lace from Merrie in the CBP group. Look at all the fun piled here! Thanks so much, Merrie. I will try to put them to good use, of course. :):)
And my order of the re-inkers or refills came, too! Got a few new ink pads also. Badly needed the refills before I could continue working on the birthday cards I started. Not enough ink on the pads for those foam rollers to work really well. Now I will be all set--tada!
Then I kind of started another project. Because of putting together the thank you cards--well, I wanted to make up a batch of cards using that basic method. I have all these little hunks of pretty paper leftover from the bookcards I make from 12 X 12 inch paper--and now I have a great way to use them to make cards, right? So I just picked out paper and folded some card stock (the white and tan). But now I can go back and finish the birthday cards first.
Late at night--Miss Karma sitting on me in my chair--without a flash so I can capture the real Karma nobody sees but me--ROFL!!
The look of love, eh?
Well, I don't have any more time today--more tomorrow. I hope we have a great day running errands and shopping! :):)

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