Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday 10:45am

Was a dreary, chilly day yesterday and it rained all day.
Today is dry and dark, but looks like the sun is trying to peek out. Never saw any snow here because it went north of us. 39 degrees right now, but supposed to hit 50 today. Good day to wash clothes, budget for May, clean out my computer files, and make up some more of my weekly schedule sheets (they keep me on task--habit I picked up from working in an office and when I was in college). Feels like a good day!! :)


  1. It certainly does look dreary in the pic....perfect weather for staying indoors and snuggling up with a good book or, better yet, doing something crafty....and yeah, there's housework too but it's not on my favourites list. :)

    We've been having beautiful weather here lately...the mornings and nights are definitely cooler. It's flannel pyjama time...a sure sign winter won't be far away.

  2. When you see our stark landscape in South Fargo where I live you can see why I love seeing your pictures of the beautiful exotic flowers, trees, insects and birds in Australia--hehe!! :):)


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