Saturday, April 04, 2009


Karma likes to talk to herself--in the hallway by the bathroom or in the bathroom--and listen to the slight echo. Here I caught her meowing away in the hallway--on her back! What a goof!

Supposed to stay in the low 30's for a few days. Good. Slower melting as the river recedes. Things will have to stay as is until the second cresting, I suppose. When I was out and about it was strange to see sandbags around the post office in Moorhead and lanes of traffic still closed off by huge mounds of sand on Interstate 94 near the river.

It's a difficult thing to wrap your mind around--that we could turn around and have a second crest near the height of the first record-breaker. The people are just recovering from the first flood. We really need something permanent built up here, that's for sure. I hope we can finally get some federal help. The cost to business up here to close for days on end, making 5 million sandbags, the national guard, shipping pumps, ambulances and helicopters from all over to move hospital patients and senior citizens, all the equipment, people losing sleep for days, volunteers from all over, feeding and housing evacuees/volunteers--and that's not counting the homes lost, cleanup, and all the damages from the flood to be dealt with afterwards. They even dug out the sand/clay from some of the school yards. The people were absolutely fantastic!! But they're exhausted. I hope the second cresting isn't as bad.

This coming week Leah and I are probably going to run around doing errands and shopping--and skip craft day until the following week. Probably Tuesday Leah said. And I should be feeling pretty much back to normal by that time, I'm sure. :):)


  1. How entertaining Karma must be. How old is she?

    Our federal government stepped in to help the flood victims up north as well as the fire victims down south. I hope your area also gets federal help for the flood damage and losses.

  2. Karma was four in February. She's the weirdest cat I have ever owned--hehe!

    The federal government will probably be helping many individuals and businesses--but I guess I was talking about help in building a permanent dike system up here. We really need one and it is really expensive. They helped Grand Forks north of us after they flooded in 1997 to build a dike system. People here are worried because we managed to survive by the skin of our teeth that they won't help unless the whole town is flooded like Grand Forks was. So--we'll see. :)

  3. Karma is alot like my orange cat Punk. Punk will walk around just meowing aimlessly. I always say she is reminding us she is funny lol!

    We got a cold snow here in Indiana too. I woke up and snow on my Mustang. I was not very happy :( Especially after it poured all day yesterday! I think we got a little bit of what you got up there!

    On a side note...I quit smoking this weekend...and I feel good about it, like I feel like I don't need them so...YAY!

  4. Yes--Miss Karma likes to hear herself talk--hehe!

    There has really been crazy weather all over, hasn't there? Tornados, hail, blizzards, flooding...

    Stay strong with the not smoking if you can. I quit--finally--back in 1989. Can't believe it will be 20 years come December. You'll feel soooo much better even a few months from now. And save a hellofalot of money, too! If I could send you extra will, I would!! Best to you!! I know well how hard it is. :):)


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