Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Was one of those puttering days. I washed clothes, balanced the checkbook, figured out the budget and bills for May, worked on the grocery order for May, caught up on half of my emails, made up 3 months of my weekly schedules, read magazines, finished a book, and baked a cake. The day flew by and I felt satisfied that I had gotten quite a bit done at the end of the day. :)
Karma was sprawled under the art table. I snapped a picture...
...and then it was like she had to acknowledge that I was looking at her--so she pawed the wall pretending not to notice me. Do you think she is starting to perform for the camera? hehe!
Caroline just called and she's sick. Went to bed feeling fine and has been in the bathroom all morning, poor thing. We'll reschedule. (Hope she doesn't have any friends who went to Mexico for spring break!?)

So, I am going to call Leah and tell her she can come over any time today to make her wedding card. Bye! :)


  1. I love those days where I feel I have accomplished quite a bit by the end of it ~ :)

  2. Even when it is just the routine stuff you HAVE to do--just feels good--yes! Ahhh! :)


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