Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This was yesterday morning. Today it's supposed to reach 60 degrees!! :)
I was in bed at 8:30pm and have been up since 1am. Going to go lay down again for a little while, but wanted to blog now because I might not have time later.
I waited around most of the day yesterday for Dr. Magid's nurse to call and then call back again. Found out that the stitches don't dissolve for 6-7 WEEKS! Now I think I would have remembered that if I had heard it, even tho I was pretty spacey--hehe! And I don't remember reading that in any of the information I was given.
Anyways, the stitches are probably causing the soreness and tenderness in the back because they do up up my cheek some--and she said that was normal. She reminded me that this was surgery to the jaw bone and not like having a tooth pulled. The swelling coming and going--she talked to the doctor and he is giving me some more antibiotics--she said there would be two prescriptions. I asked her to call them in to my usual pharmacy (as long as the swelling is down again right now) because I am all set up so they can just mail them to me--tada! So, Leah and I didn't end up going anywhere yesterday after all. :)
Leah and I were planning on bringing the car in earlier today and doing a little shopping before Caroline comes at 3pm to clean--but when I woke up Leah had left me an email that her new boss had called and wanted her to come in to work from 9:30am-1pm. So, we will try to get the car over and be back before Caroline comes. We'll have to decide when to do the shopping--maybe tomorrow. Plans are always tentative, right? Good thing we're so very adaptable, right? hehe! :)
There's flooding again all over North Dakota. I heard Interstate 94 was closed between Jamestown and Bismarck--but I didn't catch why? The Red River is rising here in Fargo Moorhead again, too. But I think they're still hoping it will not get as high as before. Time will tell--shortly.
Right now--I am off to bed again for a while....zzzzzzzzz


  1. Well, at least everything is as it should be with your healing. I hope the pain won't stay around for too much longer though.

  2. Thanks, Serena--I guess I didn't realize this would take so long to heal. As long as I know it's normal--I'm okay with it, you know. I just need some more antibiotics and plain old time, I guess. :):)


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