Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm still on this weird split shift sleeping--but got in more sleep today. :)
Yesterday Leah came over after work--took five times to get PitaPaseo to start, but she did! We got her over to the dealership and dropped her off. We had quite a bit of time before Caroline--so we went over to PetSmart so I could buy some cleaner fish. Michael's is right next door--so we popped in there first and we got a Martha Stewart border punch for thinner ribbon..
...and a package with a whole bunch of tiny metal frames. Of course--here they are already separated and put into some little bags I had--hehe!
Then I picked up a couple of corys and algae eaters at PetSmart. Now that my big pleco is gone I needed some other bottom feeders.

Anyways, then Leah got a call from the repair shop. The lady never asked for my key! They usually always ask you for it and have a little paper tag ready to write down all your information--so I didn't think of it. Now we were running later and didn't quite make it before Caroline. Luckily Caroline has my cell phone number and called to find out where I was. She was shocked--I am always home--hehe!

So--Caroline spiffed up my place. Leah and I put things away while I floated the four new fish. Time flew--Caroline was done and gone. Leah went home. Karma fell asleep in the out-of-place chair.
And I was in bed a little after 8pm! Just seems like the day went by extra fast yesterday. Today is an R&R day. :):)


  1. It sure sounded like you had a whilrwind of a day yesterday...I'm sure you will enjoy a bit of R & R after it.

  2. I did! I did! :):)


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