Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hope you're having a relaxing weekend. :)
For Zelia in South Africa--these are Dagan's machines for sending his pacemaker information via the telephone. The one on the left he got with his first pacemaker when he was 12 years old. The one on the right is the newer model that he got a few years ago.
With the new one he makes the sample and then plugs directly into a land-line phone cord to send it, I believe. Dagan is 34 years old now, so he just does his thing and I guess I haven't paid really close attention to how this new one works.
Zelia--feel free to email me. :)
Say--I saw Mary Tyler Moore on the Bonnie Hunt show and she was talking about the aptitude test she took in school when she was young. I forgot all about that! MTM said she was supposed to be a model or in the armed forces--hehe! I remember being told I could probably do whatever I wanted to--but I'd probably be the most suited to becoming a forest ranger. How funny!! I think that was back in grade school or early junior high, but I can't remember exactly.
Years later when I was tested and tested for workman's comp--they kind of told me the same thing--that I could pretty much do whatever I wanted to. (Ignoring my arm injury, of course--hehe!) And they announced that they would not help me with schooling for retraining because "I was too smart to send to school". Apparently I have some kind of natural ability to learn by osmosis! Who knew? ROFL!! Where was that mysterious innate osmosis ability when I went back to school later!!?? (I decided to go to college on my own since they wouldn't help me and I couldn't do physical labor anymore.) Karma just came in off the porch to see what I was chuckling about to myself at the computer--hehe!
Anyways, we're back to rain and snow. We didn't get the snow here, but it was nearby, I guess. Was like 30 degrees last night. Right now it is 49 degrees. With little wind coming our way--I have the porch doors open for Miss Karma--for a little while, anyways.
John--I promise that either later today or tomorrow I will post about my first religious crisis. :):) I wanted to make it a separate post.


  1. Thank you Rita for the pictures and photo's. I really appreciate it... kind regards

  2. You're welcome! Any time! :)


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