Monday, April 06, 2009


Late last night I felt a little motivated and made a couple of thank you cards. Not motivated enough to video anything, tho--hehe!
I was just thinking I'd start and probably not finish right then...just maybe pick out the paper and ribbon...
...but after I got going--I did finish--hehe! I still have a couple more I'd like to make, too, from my birthday last month. Not good pictures--was late at night and dark. I should have double-checked before I sealed them away in envelopes, I guess, eh?

Felt pretty well yesterday...
...just tired.
By tomorrow we're supposed to just hit 40 for a couple of days. I didn't see any weather reports this weekend. Was watching an Oz marathon on Saturday and a Monk marathon on Sunday--hehe! Guess I need to get caught up today on what's happening with the second cresting. :)

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