Saturday, April 11, 2009


Karma last night--lying on her rubber brush--hehe! (She snuck it off the table.)
This morning is gorgeous! Karma is in seventh heaven when I can leave the door cracked open so that she can come and go from the porch.
Supposed to maybe hit 50 degrees today for the first time!! tada!
With the wind it doesn't feel like it is 42 degrees right now, tho. I watched the news last night and good grief! Tornadoes, fires, earthquakes--and pirates! What is the world coming to? *sigh*
And I am pretty positive I will be calling the oral surgeon's on Monday. :( Even when I wake up and it is less sore--it is swollen--for sure. No doubt about it any more. (Of course--it's the weekend--hehe!) I am hoping I can just take some more antibiotics and that he doesn't have to go back in there and cut away any more bone. :(
And then I have to pray that the car will start for me. I already warned Leah. We have an appointment to drop the car off on Tuesday to have that checked out.
So--not feeling quite as cheerful today. I know everything will all work out in the end, tho.
I do have something absolutely fascinating and thought-provoking to share, if you don't already know about this website. Ruby had sent it to me and then I forgot about it--just ran across it again.

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