Friday, September 11, 2009


First of all, Dagan is doing fine. He should be moved out of ICU later today. They won't be back to Fargo until probably Sunday or thereabouts. He's all set with new leads and a new pacemaker. :)

I am going to be offline for a while. One reason--both mice don't work and I am having to do the finger thing on the laptop. The other--just personal and not up to talking about yet.

If there is any change in Dagan's positive progress I promise will let you know. Don't expect that to be the case, tho.

Thanks for all the prayers and postive energy. :):)


  1. I'm sorry about the misbehaving mice - hope you enjoy your blog break.

  2. I hate when computer equipment gets all temperamental on me..threaten to get Karma onto those misbehaving mice and it might make them buck up and do their job....hehehe

    Sorry you are dealing with another issue that is obviously upsetting you. I do hope it is just a temporary issue. (((Hugs)))

  3. Thanks guys! I am sooo glad to have a behavin' mouse again! And I am chuckling at the picture of Karma meeting up with a real mouse. She used to cry when Gracie (cockatiel) followed her around on the floor--ROFL! She was fascinated with her when she was in her cage--but was like--Help! Get this thing away from me or I will do something you will regret!--when she flew down on the floor (a rarity--but Gracie did love Karma so). A real mouse?? Hummm??

  4. Well the mice might not have known that...LOL

  5. Funny! When I was a kid I has mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, giuana, chameleons, toads, name it..that weren't the least bit afraid of my cat or dogs--or each other, for that matter. Mainly because my critters KNEW that they were all "family" and not to be eaten or beaten. Altho everyone needed their space and you have to take "heat" and reproduction into proper consideration. ROFL!! :):)


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