Saturday, September 05, 2009


After the moth--hehe!
Another thrilling hunter adventure that I'm sure will be recorded in Miss Karma's diary--ROFL!
Karma was sitting behind her chair watching the bookcase--upright and alert, not lounging like she is here hoping for a repeat performance and another trespassing moth. Little throaty trills escaped in her tense ecstasy despite the fact that she was trying to be ever so quiet so as not to alert me--the kleenex/paper towel wielding, bug killing spoilsport.
Karma usually captures her bugs on the porch and torments them to her heart's content without my knowledge. Or she carries them in here when she doesn't feel like eating them--knowing I will end a game she's already bored with. But occasionally an errant and energetic fresh moth gets inside--and the chase is on! You would not believe how fast this fat cat can move and how high she can still leap--ROFL!
I went looking. The moth was sitting on a shelf of the bookcase--but it evaded me and flapped down toward the floor. Bad mistake. Miss Karma was on it like white on rice! Immediately injured it enough to take the wind out of its sails and yet allow it to keep flapping and flopping about on the carpet for her entertainment.
I came over armed with my Puff's tissue to capture it myself--put an end to its misery and Karma's moth safari. Apparently, since this has been such a cool summer, Karma hasn't had as many hunter opportunities and she wasn't giving up her prize so easily. Ears back, she snatched it up gently in her mouth and carried it away several feet--put it down and let it flop about. I'd make my move--and she'd make hers. And so it went--all over the apartment! Me giggling and following her around with Puffs in hand. I wanted to see how determined she was. And I think she wanted to see how determined I was. This went on for like ten minutes. (I'm chuckling writing this.)
I won.
But, I swear--if a cat could laugh...
After the excitement was over Karma went back and laid behind the chair right under that bookcase. Remembering and wishing, I suppose. I think this is what she dreams about when her mouth and feet twitch in her sleep. :)
Anyways, I promised I'd tell you about Miss Karma, Leah, and the Pavlov bubbles scheme. It is working--tada!!! Every time Leah comes over she gets the bubbles and goes into the living room and sits on the ottoman and blows bubbles for Karma. I do not blow any bubbles for Karma at all at any other time. After a few times of bubble blowing thrills--ha! Miss Karma rubbed on Leah's legs! A couple of times now! She doesn't run and hide under the bed when Leah comes any more. And she has stayed out after Leah stops blowing bubbles. Well, except when she had followed me into the kitchen and Leah came walking in and Karma felt trapped. Then she did let out a short hiss and ran under the bed. This will work! I know it will. Pretty soon she will see Leah and think--fun--bubbles--whee! Pavlov's theory in action. :):)
While I was writing this I got another automated phone call! I am so sick of them calling at all hours. I just started getting them a few months ago and they are increasing in number steadily. They are cold calls--because I am getting calls about my mortgage, my house, my credit cards, etc--things I do not even have. Does anyone know how a person can go about reporting them when you are on the no call list? I have tried to wait to talk to a person to tell them to take me off their list--once--long process. And that company still calls me anyways. Grrrrrr!!
Okay--enough of that. Yesterday I got out my pre-cut printed papers and was thinking about making up some cards and bookcards--started playing. So that is probably what I will do today while I watch Netflix DVDs. We've got a bit of a warm up for the Labor Day weekend here--80s--and supposed to be dry! That's nice for all the people who will be visiting family and having picnics. Have a great day--a great weekend! Hug your loved ones. :):)


  1. Umm.. not "to burst your bubble" but Pavlov worked with dogs...

    LOL - just teasing. I hope Karma gets more sociable soon.

  2. I.G.--But then again, sometimes I really think Karma was a dog in her previous lifetime--hehe! :):)

  3. Hey, the bubbles seem to be working.

    As for the nuisance calls, I was going to suggest you put yourself on the Do Not Call register but it seems you have already done that. Note though that, here anyways, the Do Not Call register only stays active for 3 or 4 years before they remove your name and you have to re-register so, it's possible you many need to re-register. Here, there is a Do Not Call website where we can register but not sure about there. Your phone company should be able to give you a number to call so you can check that you are still registered and, if so, where you can report the nuisance calls. Good luck! Those types of calls really are an invasion of privacy.

  4. Hi Serena,
    I am on the "do not call" list, but this is a new breed of annoying calls that are entirely automated and really difficult to trace. I heard on the news they are working on it. I have both my land line and my cell phone listed on the do not call list. I have only gotten the automated calls on my land line--thank goodness. :)

    Yes!! The bubbles are working! Cracks us up! :):)


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