Sunday, September 27, 2009


Flu season is upon us. Remember to cover your mouth...
...or I guess we're supposed to sneeze our arms now?
And wash your hands often.
As draggy as I felt yesterday I thought I'd still be asleep. But I slept five hours and here I am--awake. Oh well. Karma loves it when I keep crazy hours. Every time I wake up--it's canned food treat time! And every time I turn the aquarium lights on and feed the fish in the mornings--it's canned food treat time! So, since these magical moments can happen 2-3 times a day (like recently), Karma's as happy as a pig in mud--and I have cut the amount of canned food down from a tablespoon to a teaspoon--hehe! Karma doesn't seem to care how much she gets. I think she loves the ritual more than anything.
Who can blame her--living with me and my irregular hours--she needs some form of routine, I guess--chuckle! And she does know the difference between me repeatedly getting up in the middle of the night and actually waking up, so she doesn't get all excited and vocal about it until she's sure of the difference. Well, I take that back. There have been some very rare occasions--but those have been when I have been sleeping during the daylight hours--getting up and down as I do--and she's in a foul mood. ROFL!! But when I tell her no--she mumbles to herself a bit and waits.
Well, let's see...Leah and I have been trying a different way to do things for the Etsy posting. This time of year gets just crazy for Leah--well, in both May and October. Dagan and Leah have things they do every year--like annual trips to this cabin with friends (Leah always brings a slew of baked goods) and ValleyCon is always around Halloween (they always run a booth/room). And now she is starting a new job...
...soooo...I was thinking...and I suggested to Leah this afternoon that we should keep working on the red handmade paper Christmas cards, but plan on using them for next year. That I could look thru my card magazines and what we have and try to come up with something simpler and quicker to put together for this year. She thought that was a great idea. :)
We don't know how this year just got away from us? We had plans and started so early--way back last winter! There were papermaking problems with terrible buckling and spots from the ironing board--illnesses--other commitments--job searching--thinking we had plenty of time and lowering it on our priority list--Dagan's surgery--my fibro flares--starting an Etsy shop, etc. Well, we don't want to be scrambling and under the gun again this year to finish a complicated, time consuming 90-100 cards by mid-December so we can get them in the mail before New Years. We'll just shift the red and white ones to 2010--tada! Whew! :):)
I just physically don't do well with any kind of stress (even when I think I am perfectly fine and nothing is bothering me--my body will react). And Leah sure doesn't need any additional stress, either. So, my task is to come up with something simple and fast that we will both like. Now that is actually a fun job!! *she grins* We can continue to work on the papermaking--but wait until we are done with 2009 Christmas cards and things settle down. Probably be January at this rate--hehe!
Meanwhile--Leah put product pictures in a Picasa album for me so that I could try and post from my place. Long story short--the Picasa pictures did not want to travel on over full size to my computer for some reason? I did learn how to get into the account for posting, tho--and that you really do need the product there with you for descriptions (measurements and such). Finding out what doesn't work is actually progress, right?
So--today after work Leah is bringing over the product photos on a jump drive and the products. Also--all the poinsettia cards so that I can start to put the Christmas greeting in the inside. Then Leah will pick everything up again when I am done because she does the mailing. We figure this might be the best way for us to do this most of the time--Leah taking all the photos and doing the mailings and me doing the product posting. :)
So--that's the plan. :):)
As those of you who follow my blog know--we usually have "a plan"--ROFL! But plans can change and we adapt. Our plans have to be quite flexible and fluid--hehe! Persistence and small steps do pay off eventually, tho--said the tortoise to the hare. :):)

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