Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Here's the nasty side of me! I really enjoyed watching this car get towed away from the handicapped parking.
It's a sight you don't get to see very often.
We have had problems with people parking there and the office put a warning up a while back.
Now if it actually was a handicapped person's car being repossessed or towed because if a major car problem...
...all I can do is apologize for my momentary glee and the delight I felt at watching the car being towed off the property. Not nice, I know. I don't know the whole story. But the small part I saw--just tickled me to no end--hehe!

It really does feel like fall now. My very favorite time of year! I keep the windows open and bundle up--enjoying the chill in the air. Karma likes to snuggle under the covers when the apartment gets nippy--hehe!
Caroline will be here around 3pm. I'm up and showered and have gathered up the trash. All I have to do is pick up cat toys.
I never did get around to watching Heroes last night. Spent my sessions on the computer (still catching up). Did a lot of reading--another murder mystery and writing magazines (trying to get inspired?). Filled one bookcard and started another one. [Letters, journaling, blogging, morning pages, or dream journals don't count as "writing-writing" in my book. Pardon the pun.]
Ahhh! Autumn!!! I think of nature painting the woods and forests--the smell of bread baking and soup simmering--getting your life in order--long evenings to write, create, or snuggle up with a good book. (I have a stack lined up!) I am always as excited by the first snowflakes as I am the first thunderstorm in the spring. The ducks and geese pass through and the squirrels race around getting ready for winter. Fall to me is a time of change, renewal, contemplation, evaluation, rest, assessment, reading, satisfaction, and lots of industrious handiwork. Must have been a pioneer in a past life, eh?
Well, I'm going to go pick up cat toys and watch Heroes until Caroline arrives. Have a great day! May your harvest be a good one!! :):)


  1. Rita, you demon you! lol No doubt the owner of the car is regretting parking in an area they weren't allowed to be parking in.

    Your fall sounds so lovely! As mentioned before, we don't get definitive seasons here...it's a couple of cold months and then it's just hot for the rest of the year with even hotter periods in summer.

  2. Hi Serena,
    I couldn't help but think of all the times I have seen perfectly healthy people with no handicapped parking sign or license plate using handicapped spots and been so annoyed by them. Did my heart good to see one get hauled away. (If indeed that was the case.) *an evil chuckle*

    You remember fall and winter from your Montana days, I'm sure. I think I would really miss not having the change of seasons--never hearing the soft crunch of snow under your boots--even tho it may sound good in the middle of winter when it is 20 below--hehe! :):)

  3. Ah, justice (hopefully) is sweet!

    They enforce these sorts of laws so infrequently around here people make a mockery of them and flount them. This might be one of the underlying reasons of prison crowding - disrepect for the law due to non-enforcement leading to worse crimes. So your (maybe)handicap parking scofflaw might have been saved from a life of crime and turning into a hardened crook.

    :) Sorry - I got carried away - it is so very much what I've been thinking and pondering lately..

  4. Hi Iggy!
    I imagine you have been thinking about criminal activity after your visit to the old prison! Nothing like some cold cement walls and clanging steel doors to bring it to mind. I have always wished they'd enforce the handicapped parking laws, too! Hey--they could at least give them tickets and make them pay fines. But--then we'd have to hire more people to patrol, I suppose. I bet you could get volunteers--hehehe!

  5. Speaking of parking, are you going to reserve a parking spot again this year? I keep on forgetting to ask you...Thanks!


  6. I'll give them a call. I haven't seen a notice up yet, but I thought it started in October? I'll let you know when I find out so you have a place to park. :):)


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