Monday, September 21, 2009


Miss Karma struggling to stay awake to watch the bugs on TV--hehe!
We watched slugs, beetles, flies, spiders, salamanders, lizards--all assortment of insects, amphibians, and reptiles--mate, reproduce, fight, kill, deceive, nurture, shed, transform, and die. Absolutely mesmerizing to watch close up like that--as long as it's not real life--ROFL! Lizards don't bother me like a lot of the insects do. But I do tend to think most salamanders, tree frogs, toads, and smaller lizards are darn cute, actually. I have one more DVD from Life In Cold Blood and the next series I'll be getting will be Planet Earth! That looks awesome!! :)
New week.
Things are getting back to normal. I decided to work on folding bookcard covers. I did the same thing I did with the 12 x 12 scraps--went thru and took out one of the two cover pieces I got from each sheet...

...and just started folding. :)

Just kept plugging away--using the timer--1 hour at a time.

Finished up this morning!
Since I have been out of bookcards for over a month...
...I had to finish and sew together a few for my personal use.
No surprise, eh? Hehe!
Sounds like Dagan and Leah will be over for dinner after work on Wednesday! Leah and I will probably work on scrap cards. :) Tomorrow Caroline comes to clean. It has cooled off again and there's a light, gentle rain tonight. I am taping Heroes and will eagerly watch that later on. I want to be in good shape for Wednesday, so I will probably stay away from paper folding, etc, till then. Just feeling happy. :) :)


  1. Goodness. Such busy hands and such beautiful results!

  2. Thank you, Iggy! We've been doing enough prep work on cards to keep us busy for a good long time--hehe! Lifts my soul working on projects like this. :):)

  3. Your book cards are lovely!

  4. Hi Serena!
    Thanks much! I love working on projects like this. Very contemplative and relaxing for me. :)


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