Friday, September 04, 2009


Wow! My package arrived from Sibylla!! She is a German lady in our Chinese Brush Painting group who currently lives with her husband in Shanghai, China. She said she had enclosed some goodies--well--wow! wow! wow!
She sent samples of exotic papers...these textured ones are awesome! Look at that dragon paper!
Ooops--got this one out of order. Can't pull and move my pictures any more on Blogger for some reason. This is a very thin brush that she taped to the spine of the book--perfect for detail work!! Such surprises!!
She also sent samples of fancy rice paper. Awesome!
And THEN--all these small paintings she did!! What a joy!

The first section of the book must be background information--shows paintings from the masters. (It's in Chinese.) Then it gets into the gongbi examples of detail painting of the four gentlemen... more!! :):)

And then there are some pictures that seem to show the comparison of gongbi drawings and the spontaneous painting styles.
I haven't even had the chance to look closely at the entire book yet. Actually forgot to check the mail and went down late last night. Was like a midnight Christmas up here in Fargo--hehe! Thank you so very much, Sibylla!! What a treat! :):):)
What did I do all day? CashWise delivery came. More low and no carb than last month--no cow's milk, loaves of bread, etc. I did order some soy milk and some rye crisp & corn tortillas as substitutes. Interesting.
I worked on my budget and bills for September. Made orders for mailers, paper, and one small one for fun! :) I got Leah and I some rigid and some small bubble mailers for our Etsy shop from Royal Mailers. A variety of 22" X 30" watercolor and drawing/writing paper for making journals/sketchbooks from Dick Blick. And then some fun stuff from Impressions.
Leah stopped by to pick up some more items for the Etsy shop. Takes a while to photograph and post, but I sent a couple kinds of beaded bookmarks and some hand-painted clothespin refrigerator magnets.
Our plan to get Karma to look forward to seeing Leah (instead of hiding under the bed and hissing at her) is working like a charm. I'll explain tomorrow. That's enough for today. Have a nice Labor Day weekend! And again--thank you, thank you, thank you, Sibylla! :) :)


  1. WOW...Wor GORGEOUS!! Cant wait to see what you do with those awesome papers!!

  2. Hi Rebag!
    I was so surprised! The papers are so thin and delicate--I'll have to think hard and long how to apply them to anything. Sibylla knows I make cards and could use these small sheets. Sometimes I am just blown away by the wonderful people I have met online. I feel so blessed.

    Speaking of--we have to talk sometime via email about our mutual checkered pasts--hehehe! :):)

  3. Wow. Thats a awsome gift! Now you need to learn how to speak (or read) Chinese!

  4. Hi Iggy!
    I don't think that feat is in my near future. I had Spanish for years in high school and again in college and I barely know how to say hello and count! I don't seem to have a zero knack for languages--hehe! :)


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