Thursday, September 03, 2009


This is the ritual. Our treat game. Karma sits and stares at me by her treat drawer. She'll meow at me if I don't notice her.
If I still ignore her or have told her to wait and then taken too long--the next thing she does is threaten to tip over my coffee thermos or glass. That usually gets a rise out of me--hehe!
See--she is so predictable I can take pictures--hehe! And we both know it is just an attention getting threat at this point. She actually did knock over my coffee once when she was little and found out she got in really big trouble and didn't get any treats for a long time. I know she doesn't really want me genuinely mad at her. But I also know that if she gets mad enough at me--she won't care. I don't really like her telling me what to do--so I make her wait a bit. She doesn't like to wait. So it is kind of like a treat dance--ROFL!
When I open the drawer she begins to rub her face and head against it in delight., of course. Suddenly all sweet and lovey.
But if I don't move fast enough for her (I sometimes open the drawer to keep her farther away from my coffee and bide some time) she seems to think she can pull the entire drawer down.
How she thinks she'd open those little jars is anybody's guess--hehe!
This is all my own fault, of course. Real treats were too expensive so I buy regular dry cat food and put it in these little jars--so I give them to her much too freely. But it has to be something she doesn't normally eat in her regular food dish because she can tell. Honestly--I've tried to fool her. She gets really undone with me--hehe! And I don't know how she can tell because I make up a mix of dry foods for her--like 3-4 small boxes or bags at a time. But once it has been used in her dry food mixture--it no longer qualifies as a treat. No lie! She'll walk away from it and keep bugging me for a "real" treat. She must have some nose on her!
I know--I know--never reward bad behavior--ROFL! Not a good idea. Do not try this at home. Yup! She's spoiled rotten. But she still knows who's boss around here.
I guess I have turned into one of those typical old cat ladies. Of course, I knew the odds were stacked against me. I have always loved my cats.....and birds, rats, guinea pigs, iguana, dogs, salamanders, chameleons, skunk, hamsters, turtles, fish, toads, frogs, mice, etc.
Yup! Have had a lot of critters over the years. Miss Karma is the most unique cat I have ever lived with. (I thought that sounded better than weirdest, oddest, strangest, or most peculiar--hehe!) Probably love her more because of that, ya think? :) :)
Love is good. No matter who, what, where, or why--right? Hehe!
I was up till 3:30am finishing The Pillars of The Earth. Just had to see how it ended and couldn't put it down. Now I can start the sequel after a little break.
Have a great day--what's left of it--hehe!


  1. I've had the sequel to Pillars since last December and the time just never seemed right to read it - was trying to space it between my book club's selections. Been saving it now for rain-y season and snuggling on the couch to read. Let me know when you start. I ADORED Pillars - it's one of my top faves of all time.

    And Miss Karma is too cute - playing you like that.

  2. rita - every morning i open a can of cat food / my belief is that older cats (10 years+) benefit from extra moisture in their system / but of course the younger crowd (10 years-) also gets their share / that can run into the $ / so i buy the BIG box at Costco / they eat all of their portion and try to hog from the others / the only one they don't like, won't eat is the Mixed grill in the orange can / the dog (Cody) likes that one though / so we don't have any left overs / :)

  3. Karma is so much like my dog, Cody. He knows where his treats are kept and, sometimes, he will sit at the pantry door and let out growls to get my attention. He's too cute to say no to. :)

  4. Sheila--I am afraid to start World Without End because I will be lost once again--chuckle! I know what you mean! Pillars was great!! I can picture it made into a movie and am surprised they've not done that. But I don't think it could ever live up to what I have in my head--LOL!!

    Yes--Karma plays me--and I her--ROFL!

  5. Taiona--Karma gets about a tablespoon of canned food every morning. She twirls and rubs everything in the kitchen--and after four and a half years here she has rubbed a dark spot on the edge of the pantry wall and the frig with her collar! It is the higlight of her day--ROFL!

    You and Serena both have dogs named Cody! :)

  6. Serena--I know! Karma is so funny with her treat antics that I let her get away with it--and started this whole routine. She prefers to eat her "treats" rather than eat from her dish any more. I don't mind because it is nothing but cat food anyways. Don't ever tell her--ROFL! :):):)

  7. If they made Pillars into a movie it would be like "Gone With The Wind" and hours and hours long - or maybe they could break it up like the Lord of the Rings.

    I think Karma's game shows a pretty shrewd cat...maybe she ought to have her IQ tested and see if she can get into the Cat Mensa. :)

  8. rita and serena / my rescue dog Cody actually started out as Checodie / after a malmute dog friend i knew in northern Minnesota / best memory of him was driving the tractor down the Gunflint Trail with Checotie breaking through five foot snow banks totally in his element / somehow Cody developed her own name / she likes to carry things / anything, many things / that's how she wakes me up in the morning / with something in her mouth / i will have to find the pic of hre with the paint brush in her mouth :) :) :D and post it on my blog sometime this weekend / have a good Laybor Day y'all

  9. Oh Iggy! You make me laugh! Cat Mensa--ROFL!! :):)

    Maybe they could make a TV mini-series out of the book--on cable--because of the sex and violence. :)

  10. The Gunflint Trail--now that's a place I've been to. I could easily picture that. (I'm a Minnesotan born and raised--Twin Cities suburbs.) I'd love to see the picture of Cody carrying the paint brush. You have a great weekend, too, Taiona! :):)


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