Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Leah had to stay home yesterday because they finally said they could come and re-seal their deck. She did run over before dinner and get the poinsettia cards re-printed. We now have flat cards--tada! Today she is busy with job applying stuff.
Last night Karma was watching this bug hop up and down across the rug. I didn't notice, but I think she caught it on the porch? Not sure what it was, but it almost looked like a tiny moth.

The wounded bug became a cat treat in the end. :(
Circle of life--right here in my living room.

After setting the alarm and not sleeping much for a couple days, last night I was in bed by 9:30pm! It worked this time! On early days today--nice!
Nippy morning. Still supposed to only be in the 70's for a high--but then they're expecting it to get back to low 80's for a few days, I guess. It's been in the 50's at night. Wonderful sleeping weather. :)
The kids are back in school and the fall shows will be on soon. Blink and it will be Thanksgiving! I am totally amazed that it is already September. The months have flown by.
And today will fly by, too, so I'd better put it to good use, right? :):)


  1. I'm glad you got some good sleep. The cool air is good sleeping weather!

    I guess Karma was afraid she was gonna lose some weight. I guess chasing bubbles works up and appetite.


  2. Hi Iggy!
    I think she imagines herself a fierce killing machine--a fearsome hunter--queen of the jungle, you know? Karma may only catch flies and moths, but I praise her, regardless. She puts on a good front, but her ego is fragile. ROFL!


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