Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I finished up my small projects on the craft table--well, except for cutting the new business paper in half. These handmade paper bookcards got jazzed up for the Etsy shop.
Was experimenting with different size border frames. Anyways, they were plain and I wanted to pretty them up a bit. Not that I won't be making plain ones to sell, too, but these were the only ones I had left and I remembered how I had done this one other time. Plus I wanted to experiment with a new tube of paper glue, too--hehe! Not always easy to find glues that will stick well to the fibrous handmade paper. Worked well. :)
Turned out I wasn't up to leaving the house yesterday (darn annoying IBS). So the plan for today is that, after Leah goes job applying this morning, we'll go this afternoon to Office Max and Petco.
Sunny morning. It's been cooler at night. September already--but it feels like October.
Maybe I'll go start cutting paper...:) :)


  1. Your book cards look lovely, Rita! Sorry to hear the IBS is playing up though. :(

  2. Thanks Serena!
    Could maybe just be stress? I may be more worried about Dagan and Leah than I admit to myself--you know, praying Leah gets a job soon. Times are hard. This too shall pass, right? :):)


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