Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday-7:45am--Paper Collection

And do we have pictures today! Just spent almost 45 minutes loading these--hehe! Dagan just went in to surgery (8:25am). I just got a text from Leah. Could be anywhere from 2-6 hours. (Depending on how it goes with the leads, I'm sure.)
Meanwhile--here's what Leah sat and did while she was here Tuesday. Trimmed the whole stack I had organized and made us two white cardstock templates (show you later how we will use them).
They are all trimmed to exact size. There will be an edge of cardstock showing on the front. We have these extra small pieces left over. Leah kept them with each front because we might use them on the inside--an option.
Yesterday my Dick Blick order came already! They are always so prompt! And talk about packaged well! Inside this package the paper was also sandwiched in between two more pieces of cardboard that were wrapped with this non-stick saran wrap type stuff, too. Awesome!
Here's the bounty! All 80-90 lb. papers for journals and sketchbooks--tada!
Even going to try some colored drawing/writing paper! :)
Of course, because the new paper arrived, that meant I had to drag out all my other large paper. And I promised to show you my years of collecting--hehe! Many years ago I came up with the idea of buying these two cardboard displays for the largest papers (mostly 22 X 30 and larger).
This one has the large sheets of purchased handmade paper. On top were the only two sheets of 90 lb paper that I actually had--hot pressed that I used for calligraphy projects. Those two sheets got put in with the new paper from Dick Blick so that all the lighter weight paper is together in one place.
Here's the rest of it.
So much fun to be able to actually see what I have and get more organized. I love that mottled brown paper on the top!
The other cardboard display holds all my 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper.
Almost every one of the sheets of paper you will see I bought on sale, of course. Including all the new paper from Dick Blick. This watercolor paper would be a lot more expensive now than they were when I bought them up between 8 and 15 years ago. :)
Then I have these two black boxes that hold oversized paper--but they're not quite as large as the cardboard displays.
One holds just paper for pastels.
Ha! I guess I bought the same size ones on the top from Cheap Joe's. :)
The second black box I knew really needed sorting. Had become a catch all. Still is, but now it is a more organized catch all--hehe!
There were four types of paper in there. First the pretty paper--handmade and printed.
I bought up the printed ones to be the surprising inside covers actually. :)
Can't tell I love the natural looking handmade paper, eh?
Then I had a big stack of various smooth white and cream papers--from thinner to thicker--that I had used for calligraphy and drawing. There are even two large pieces of parchment-like paper in there.
There are mostly single sheets. I'll have to go back and go thru this batch more carefully and double-check. I was getting too tired and sore to do it yesterday. I need at least two sheets to make a sketchbook. Unless I decide to make one up with several different papers inside--never know? Just might! :)
Then--all of these papers are the same--just in different colors. Bought these for inside covers actually, too.
They have this textured, block look--so you have a plain color but a little something extra.
And finally--actual book cloths!
They do have almost the feeling of cloth and paper combined.
This one is my favorite! Embossed roses! Awesome! Going to have to make a special journal out of this some day. :)
I really had big plans for "some day", didn't I? There were many times I thought it was so silly and wasteful of me to collect supplies for things I didn't even know how to do--but it just felt right. (Also, I was getting definite GA encouragement--hehe!) We never know how our lives are going to go. Mine has been a winding path. (That's probably an understatement.)
But here I am today--with all my supplies (and books) around me--learning these skills and having a wonderful time. I may wish I could do more in a day, but I can't complain. I was knocked right off my path. Dead stop. Unexpected--jarring--depressing--life altering. When I was so low--tears of pain and self-pity--it was the joy of creating and learning that helped lift me up again. How can you miss all these books and supplies--ROFL! They surround me--nudge me--hold me up! That GA is one smart guy. :):)
And I know GA is watching over Dagan today--along with Dagan's angels and guides. I am waiting for the good news. :):)


  1. Goodness. I suspect that ought to be a lifetime's supply of big paper! It's like a friend of mine that collects music - at last count nearly 20,000 songs - I wonder how many months of non-stop music they cold listen to before they "run out".

    :) I enjoy hearing the happiness in the tone of your entry - I do not know the details of your "winding path" but I can sense there have been quite a few.

    Hope the good news (and only good news) about Dagan comes soonest.

  2. Might not last a lifetime if I start making sketchbooks and journals and they actually sell on Etsy--hehe! And if Leah tries out making a journal and likes it, then the paper will go even faster. :)

    Been a bumpy road with lots of twists and turns--bad weather and good--lost my way a few times in the woods, I think--hehe! But I've been on a smooth path recently. Good thing as I can't walk far or fast anymore--ROFL!

    Had good news about Dagan--plus other news that I will talk about tomorrow. But all is well. :)

  3. I am so envious of your paper collection....WOW!

  4. Serena,
    I've been collecting for years. Have used up papers here and there, but have more than I thought I did when I actually took them out and photographed them--hehe! Speaking of--I should label this post so I can find it--then I can see what I have without dragging everything out again! ha! :):)


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