Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Well, I just spent half an hour trying to load pictures onto my blog and Blogger just won't let me. Keeps saying errors and/or internal errors? I even went completely out of Blogger and came back in just now--and nope--same thing. So--no pictures today.

Yesterday was a busy day. Dagan and Leah came by for a visit. He has this whole week off because he thought his surgery was today instead of tomorrow--hehe! Only one extra day off, actually, because everyone was off on Monday at his office due to the holiday, of course. Today is his pre-surgery routine--this afternoon--so they took off early this morning for Minneapolis. Surgery tomorrow at 8am. They are replacing his leads, too--so he'll be staying overnight and coming back on Friday. They'll stay at a motel close to the hospital tonight.

He'll be at Children's Hospital, so Leah can stay on a cot in his room overnight with him tomorrow night. Yup! Children's Hospital. :) They have so many kids who have had such complex, cutting edge surgeries that regular hospitals don't know much about and who have survived and grown up into adults that Children's had to dedicate a floor to the "older" patients years ago. There are people older than Dagan who show up at Children's every so often for surgeries and that still get their yearly checkups with their pediatric cardiologists like Dagan does. Children's is connected by underground tunnel to Abbott Northwestern Hospital, also. So if they need equipment that Children's doesn't have they can share Abbott's facilities. They use Abbott's cath lab, for example. Good thing! Dagan outgrew the children's hospital gowns many, many years ago--hehe!

Anyways, Dagan and Leah came over--and first blew bubbles for Karma. :) She is getting better and better about being more social. (We never knew what changed her attitude when she hit adulthood in the first place?) While they were here, Caroline showed up to clean--came and went. Leah sat and trimmed up that whole stack of card parts while she was here! I have pictures--maybe tomorrow Blogger will let me put them up? I forgot to take pictures while they were here, tho--duh! Rather chaotic--hehe! So it's just pictures of what Leah worked on.

Let's see...what else? I caught up on blogs. Seems like it is often either or with me. Either blogs or emails--hehe! I can't ever seem to get to everything in a day--or often even in a few days. Oh--and there's Flickr and Facebook....etc. Too many cyber irons in the fire--hehe! I try to get to everything at least once a week, put it that way. And now I have gone back on Sparks, too, as of yesterday. Decided to keep track of foods again. They have an online way that is free--keeps track of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins for you--nice! I started up again back in January--but Sparks got lost in my online shuffle. I'll see if I can keep up with the tracking now this time?

Leah and I will work on the scrap cards next week. I think we will probably rotate weeks from cards to papermaking. We both do sooo enjoy making these particular cards. I don't know why, but we just love these cards! We love putting them together, choosing embellishments--the variety and yet the similarity of style--and we just love the end products. They equally appeal to both of us, I guess. Oh--and then there's the fact that we are recycling paper scraps from my bookcard covers in such a wonderful way. :) I know--us crafters can be a little weird--hehe!

Today 70's and sunny! Pause day between storms they say. I am washing clothes. Karma is sleeping--big surprise. I will be writing up more descriptions for Leah for some items for Etsy--emailing them to her. And thinking good thoughts. :):)


  1. I hope all goes well with the morning's surgery. It sounds like the hospital isn't as scary a place as it could be. My bother was in Regions Hospital back when we were doing work for a company in Minneapolis - and I found the people there to be friendly and helpful.

    *laffs at Karma the Bubbles Cat*

  2. Thanks so much, Iggy! They are really, really nice, caring, special people who work at Children's--even to the "old" patients like Dagan--chuckle! They always take good care of my boy. They let parents stay overnight with a child, so they also let Leah stay overnight with her hubby. They have sleeping rooms and showers for parents, too--short term. I stayed several times over the years. Practically lived there for the three weeks when he first went in when he was 3 months old. They don't normally allow that at a regular hospital. His doctor's are great. I know he is in the best hands. But Mom is always happy when he is home. :)

    ha!...the Bubbles Cat! :):)

  3. Hi Rita, Hope all went well today and for sure tomorrow...I have heard such great reviews on the childrens hospital! Prayers being sent your way!

    You mentioned haveing issues uploading photos, I did too yesterday so just skipped it, maybe this week yet..

    Got a question for you do any special orders of your chinese brush paintings?

  4. Hi Reba!
    I am now having trouble with my mouse. What next? I might have to go looking for a new mouse tomorrow and see if I can find a cheap one. :)

    Do you mean the ink outline ones I have been doing--ever so slowly? Email me. :)


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