Sunday, September 06, 2009


Was a relaxing day.
I was puttering about with card making yesterday. That is my plan for the long weekend--putting together a few cards and maybe even start on some bookcards. Been sunny and 80's during the day--cool at night. Only 61 degrees at the moment. Absolutely perfect weather for the long holiday weekend. :)

I've been watching an older British series (1981) from Netflix called A Fine Romance:

Dame Judi Dench and her real-life husband, Michael Williams, star as mismatched couple Laura and Michael in this wry, early-1980s, British television series. A comedy of errors keeps linguist Laura (who's translating a German textbook on urinary infections) and struggling landscape gardener Michael from hooking up romantically. As usual, Dench is a prickly delight. The first season contains nine episodes.

I adore Judi Dench, so I had to order it. It's interesting that her husband plays her boyfriend in the series. He was mainly a stage actor, I guess. The show is about a couple of middle-aged, ordinary, foibled people struggling to have a relationship. It is absolutely charming!

I have Duplicity and Sunshine Cleaning to watch while I work on cards. What a lovely morning! :)


  1. I enjoyed Judy Dench too - in "Times Goes By" and in the latest James Bond movies.

    I don't think I would deal with a Judy Dench marathon though - her wit is too sharp for that!

  2. Hi Iggy!
    Can't take long term sharp wit, eh? I haven't watched James Bond movies--well, maybe one of the first ones many years ago--so I have missed her in those. Not sure if it si worth watching a James Bond movie to see her--ROFL! Maybe....I didn't know she was in them until recently. :)

  3. I haven't seen the series but I like Judi Dench too ~ :)

    I have never watched a James Bond movie....can't stand them! lol

  4. Serena,
    I wasn't crazy about James Bond movies, either. But I just might have to watch one with Judi Dench in it--hehe!

    I just watched her in an OLD Hamlet version--play type setting--nothing much but costumes--dark and dry. Honestly--didn't pay much attention while it was on. And never finished it. Was too stark and oppressive. Not that she wasn't good in her part. Just wasn't up to such depressing fare. :)


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