Friday, May 16, 2008


As my beautiful roses have collapsed and hung dying, I have removed them one by one. Instead of hanging them upsidedown to dry them for a dried bouquet, this time I am going to use the petals in papermaking! Just drying them on the countertop. Think of the love that will go into the paper made from these lavender petals!
I am always surprised at how short a life my cut flowers have. I always trim the stems and put the additive in the water--have tried not changing the water and changing the water every day--have tried cold water and room temp water--have tried adding a titch of sugar to the water and adding a penny (read somewhere)--and no matter what I do they just fall over in a matter of days. If anybody knows a secret--let me know. They were soooo beautiful while they lasted!
Hit the 70s yesterday! Was sunny and not too windy most of the day. Had all the windows wide open--gorgeous out! First time they were mowing the lawn outside! Miss Karma was snoozing in the sun...

It did rain for a little while in the late afternoon, but passed quickly. They are predicting scattered showers for today, too--and mid-70s this time--woohoo!

I made a trip out to Garage Alley!
This is my messy garage. Never been cleaned and organized since I moved in. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have a car, eh?
Some of the things on the right belong to Dagan and Leah. The things up closest to the door on the left are things I have ready so far for the Salvation Army. I have to go through the rest of the mess, tho. Harder to do with one good arm. I can manage a few quick lifts--a little at a time. Probably at least a third of this can be given away. Unfinished downsizing from when I moved here. So--when I say I have gone to clean in the garage--this is the mess I am talking about--hehe!
Won't be long and I will need my fans back inside. Might go and get one today (have three to bring in). And do some more sorting before it does get hot and humid out. (The garages get terribly hot!) Later....

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