Friday, May 09, 2008


Ah! What a bit of sleep will do--hehe! :)
I finished putting together all the Christmas cards yesterday.

Here you can see both the front and the inside. One set done--tada!

My Dick Blick order arrived already! And I ordered these brushes after I made the other two orders. Dick Blick has always been the fastest with delivery.

Anyways, three new size eight watercolor brushes arrived. Motivation to try to learn to paint larger--hehe!

And the Daniel Smith order came, too--just got the empty full-size pans!

So, I got out the empty boxes and tins....

...and glued away!

The white one is a Sucrets box.
Today maybe they'll be dry enough to start filling them with different brands of paints and labeling them? Ahh! My tiny collection!!
Been playing with the magic paper, too. :)
Has been chillier again. Supposed to get up to 60 degrees today--not even 50 tomorrow?
Leah stopped by last night to pick up her Shaklee (which also came yesterday). Dagan and Leah talked to the bank and they have to pay fines (a percentage) every two weeks, but their mortgage rate is fixed! And the total in fines is way less than the mortgage payment--so they are happier with waiting than they were.
I asked her about the stairs and she said those are just temporary construction stairs? Good! But she doesn't know if they are going to fix the floor and wall at the top of the stairs or not. Doubtful. They told Dagan and Leah that they can start on the flooring this weekend. Finally! So--that is what they'll be doing now--working on the house. Hope everything goes quickly and well. :):)
The sun is trying to come out from behind the clouds. The birds are singing their little hearts out. Beautiful morning!


  1. OH! Thats a great idea about the empty tins! brilliant!

    I have a bunch of them cause I wanted to craft them up but never did...

  2. I was playing around filling and labeling three of them today. Going to post pictures tomorrow. I saw this done online and fell in love with these little palettes!! :)


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