Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Finished the page spread--three more EDM challenges!

This was the first time I tried watercolors in the Moleskine regular sketchbook (with the manilla colored pages) and it did not go well. Bled through on both of them. I won't do that again. But--you know me--I started the EDM challenges in this particular Moleskine and have been doing them in, I will continue to fill this one up first. Just can't use watercolors in this one. The bicycle was my first "scribble" sketch done only in ink (no pencil first), BTW.
Pictures of the house and what Dagan and Leah have been working on!
This is the tile in the laundry room. All done!

Then--this is the bamboo flooring upstairs. First they laid out that pink paper and then laid out the actual flooring to get an idea of how it would look, how to place the shades of color, and how the cutting will go. Going to look really nice! They are cautious, of course, never having done these projects before. :)

Then they started laying the flooring on the end of the room where the kitchen will be.
Dang it! I just deleted the picture by accident. I would have to delete the blog and start all over again--you can't add a picture after you have started--will only show up on the top of the blog. Well, I am not going to start the entire blog over again, so I'll have to show you tomorrow.
Been cool days (50-60s)--sunny! 55 right now. Beautiful out! Supposed to be like this until the weekend--then rain again. Hope they're right! :)


  1. Nice sketches! :) Dagan and Leah's house really looks nice! Love the floors!

    Did you know that you can hold down on a picture and drag it down to place it where you want? Give it a try!

  2. Obviously not--hehe!!! :)


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