Friday, May 02, 2008


The wind whistled and the rain pelted against the windows--all night long. Looks like the day might remain the same--rain and wind advisory today.
I washed clothes, read art books, watched TV, and spent money.
Karma slept most of the time, of course--her main occupation in life--but she also pawed and pushed and prodded and jumped on the talking card every time she was awake. She often would rest right next to it--like she was waiting for it to suddenly make noise and surprise her--hehe!

Karma not only kind of knows how to open it--she has occasionally stumbled upon the secret to closing it. So now--much to her delight--she can startle me in the middle of the night when I am not expecting it--hehe!
I am surprised that the card still works with all her frantic pawing across it and lying on it. But it is still chattering and laughing away! :)
I got my check early because the third is on the weekend this month. So, in the middle of the night I was placing orders. I have CashWise coming late this afternoon--food--tada!! I ordered stamps--made two art supply orders--and even transferred money I owe to Leah! What a world! I love the Internet!!!
What is coming? A whole bunch of empty full size pans from Daniel Smith! (I even ordered some more Altoids from CashWise--hehe!) Then from Cheap Joe's--gem finders (I can use for card size pictures--explain and show you when they arrive), medium and fine splatter screens (also will explain when they arrive), and five size eight brushes (four of them are Joe's brand). So, that's it for this month. :)
I have been in a puttering mood--cleaning and organizing around my desk--making up another set of weekly schedule sheets, etc. So, I am gradually feeling better. Jennifer is coming over for "movie night" Saturday night! Been a long time!! :) I have The Assassination of Jesse James and A Lesson Before Dying supposed to arrive today or at least by tomorrow. (Netflix movies don't always come on the days they predict, but they're usually pretty accurate).
I just added a counter to my blog a couple of days ago and am surprised how many people are reading this silly blog! (Karma would kill me if she knew I was talking to all these people behind her back and telling her secrets--hehe!) Anyways--Hello! Hello to everyone! Welcome to my corner of the world!!

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