Sunday, May 18, 2008


Karma's newest toy--wasp in a jar!

Started to rain for a little while in the afternoon, so I brought it inside.

Karma was glued to that jar for over two hours. (I was waiting for the wasp to slow down and run out of breath before I let it go.) Then I carried the wasp downstairs and let it go outside. Now I know what to do with the bugs that make it inside the porch! I've only had a wasp a couple of times in three years. It is usually flies and moths. Those gaps on the bottom of the screen let them in if they are crawlers. Luckily mosquitoes are too dumb--hurray!!
Since it was rainy yesterday, I did the inside job. Brought down the summer clothes and shoes...

...and traded them for the winter clothes and shoes--which I will roll back over to the storage area today. Karma has been having fun sleeping in the bottom of it--hehe! Cried and pawed at the plastic for me to open it back up.

I like the idea of catching the bugs in a jar instead of killing them--or Karma eating them. (She eats flies and moths.) I was afraid she'd try to eat the wasp when she discovered it and it is difficult to do more than stun a fly on that wobbly screen with a flyswatter (then I had to swat them on the floor to kill them). I was afraid to be swatting away at a wasp! So I got a jar.
I used to catch all my flies with a jar for my turtles, chameleons, and various critters. Oh, and the grasshoppers for the abandoned Flicker babies when I was a kid. Had to shake them violently in the jar to stun them before they were fed to the Flickers or the turtles. Chameleons, on the other hand, must have the chase or they lose interest. Sounds so cruel, doesn't it? But I used to always catch bugs in the house and let them go outside (when I had no pets to feed them to--circle of life). When did I stop doing that and start killing them without thought? Giving their death no purpose?
These bugs will be the lucky ones. Caught to be freed and not to be eaten by some pet of mine--hehehe! They'll just have to serve their time as a Karma toy instead of ending up as a Karma treat. Karma does not need those bugs to survive--obviously. No circle of life neccessity there! So, it's not a bad deal for the bugs, eh? Karma only moves them gently and doesn't send them spinning across the floor. I will try to catch them from now on. Let them live out their life elsewhere. I will feel better when I am doing less murdering on my porch. :)

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