Thursday, May 01, 2008


Look what came yesterday from Ann! The fabric painting book has techniques you can use on paper, too. I have just skimmed--flipped thru them. Lots to practice--lots of information!
And then she added this--hehehe!

I laughed and laughed! Ann has had a Kitchenaid stand mixer for about 30 years and she knows I want to save up for one this year. She sent me her old booklet! Hey--the recipes are still good, right? Ann, you are so funny! I will actually use this book, too. :)

Last night was the first time Miss Karma has set foot inside of the stroller. Ever since I "tortured" her with the trip outside--she has avoided it like the plague. I wondered where she had disappeared to--found her asleep inside the stroller. I guess she has forgiven it?

Very dark day--supposed to rain. Will be a good day for sleeping. Oh--there goes the birthday card again. Karma still loves that talking card! I'm just glad she can't figure out how to close it again--hehe!

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