Thursday, May 15, 2008


Extra post today with pictures of the house. Leah and Dagan were taking pictures of some of the problems. You might have to click on the pictures to enlarge them to see some of them well.
The corners of the walls are all supposed to rounded and not squared like this one.
Here's that post in the lower level...
...and how it is connected to the cement floor.
The rest of their stained trim has just been hanging here for so long they wonder how warped it will be? Might be okay?
The paint job is really bad in many places--uneven and they even forgot to paint places--hence the tan primer.

There are walls that are not square--very crooked.

The floor and walls are not sealed well in the Master shower. I know Dagan and Leah said you could see light from the other room. Will be covered up with tile--but in case there's a problem later, they wanted to document it.

And--the company can't even get little things right like the light switches. This is the right style that Dagan and Leah ordered.
But they ended up with a variety!

I do not envy anybody going through all this with sloppy contractors! Constantly having to tell them to fix, replace, redo.....and it is especially difficult when they are generally hostile. There are some things that Dagan and Leah have no idea whether they will actually become a problem in the long run or not, you know? There are errors that cannot be fixed anymore--like the wrong style siding and the crooked walls, for example. They have to pick their battles, you know? Dagan and Leah will sure be glad when this is over with! Been a long, long process.
Dagan and Leah are working on the flooring and tiling now. Hope to have some pictures of their hard work pretty soon. :) Think positive and say a prayer!

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