Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My Cheap Joe's order came yesterday! Gem finders, spatter screens, and brushes-oh my!

These will show you all about the spatter screens and the gem finders:

Funny how different the size eights can be with different types/brands of brushes.
Here are some videos on a few of the brush types:

Meanwhile--I have been playing around, practicing strokes on the magic paper.
I decided to remove all the sample picture copies from the wall and only kept up the actual original paintings that were gifts from Haiying, Barbara, and Ann. :)
Hard to get pictures of the play on magic paper because it disappears so fast.
I might have to try one day. :)

I can't leave my brushes out. Miss Karma wants to chew on them--especially if they are damp! I can never leave dirty water out, either, because she thinks the art water tastes so much better--hehe! She will lick uncovered, unattended watercolor palettes, too. Having Karma around forces me to clean up, I guess, eh? I have to make sure the water bowls have nice clean water in them and that the brushes and paints are out of her reach. If I had any inclination to leave a mess--Karma would have been a problem--hehe! Thank goodness I am compulsively neat, eh? Karma came to the right home. :)


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I must share with you what one of our cats did. We have two, a Russian Blue named Velvet Dawn and a Birman named Mozart.
    My daughter was visiting and dropped a button from her blouse under the dining room table, but couldn't find it.
    Just as she was saying goodbye,
    Velvet Dawn came running up and dropped the button at her feet.
    Amazing or what?

  2. Velvet Dawn just brought me a huge smile, chuckle, and a shaking of the head. Aren't cats the most curious beings? Makes you wonder what goes on in their heads--what motivates them? Amazing--yes! :)


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