Monday, May 12, 2008


Played around with mixing colors for the first time with the four little palettes yesterday. Right from the pans--not very diluted. I'll try diluting them more next time. Not exactly sure what I am doing, but it was fun!

Pictures of the house! Look at the crazy way they did the railing posts??? They told Dagan and Leah that it had something to do with regulations? Makes no sense. If there were regulations, it would be on the height of the railing, not the height of the posts?? And then why not all of them?

Master bedroom is ready for carpeting. Getting a lot of the ceiling fixtures in.

Must not have had the floor inbetween the master bedroom and the walk-in closet level enough to pass inspection. This is their repair job.

Bathroom light fans look like this.

Ceiling can lights.

Staining doors in the lower level.

They will have the dark stain around the door frames and light stained doors.

Dagan called me for Mother's Day yesterday--he said they tiled the laundry room and moved in all the bamboo flooring. When they have a Sunday free, we are going to do a Sacred Circle. Things are moving along! :)

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