Thursday, May 22, 2008


Here's the picture of where they started the flooring--on the end of the room where the kitchen will be. On the left is the little walk-in pantry.

They made it about halfway (Leah told me on Monday) so that they could have the cabinets installed. The installers came and told them that they do not remove the cabinets from the boxes! So Dagan and Leah had to reschedule.
And here is where all the cabinets were--back in the master bedroom. The construction company has moved them from room to room a few times. I have not heard when they rescheduled--so I don't know if the cabinets are in yet or not. Dagan and Leah are soooo busy, I hate to even call them. I wait until I hear something or there are new pictures. :)

Speaking of--here's the master bathroom--they had begun tiling in here, also.

This is where the sinks will go.

Here's the master shower.

Close up of the tiles slanting to the drain.

They have been very busy and will be so for quite a while. Nice to see the progress. So exciting! Starting to get an idea, now, of what it will look like when it is finished. These pictures were probably taken last weekend. Can hardly wait to see the new pictures!!
Another gorgeous day! :)

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